Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Inside the mind of a man"

  Salam, hey brothers and sisters, how u guys doing? All right, as I said before, men, we don't like to talk much, or type ey, so I'm going to head straight to the point here...

  Brothers and sisters, before anything, I would like to apologize if I will hurt any feelings, offend anybody after I post this, I meant no harm, I love u for the sake of Allah, we're all human beings, if I make a mistake please forgive me and remind me nicely, I don't want to bomb you=),am just kidding of course...

  In this world, everything is a test, and everybody have their own test to pass, not every test is the same. For men for example, the biggest test is women (don't deny this, even gays at one point were straight, their surroundings influenced them and made them go against nature), and for women, it might be their emotions, or beauty...So this poem is really clear I think, here goes, Bismillah...

Every day I would definitely walk on the same street,
Sometimes lowering my gaze, looking hither and thither, and sometimes and my feet,
Then, my eyes caught this lady in the dress,
Wow, I was impressed by the dress,
In my head I was like, “Hey lady, want a date?
Your life seems extricate”,
But then I realized it was lust talking, God, how I hate…

As I was sitting, I ordered my drink,
Opened my book and started to think,
No longer than 3 seconds, there was a lady on the opposite chair,
Tanned skin, green eyes, long sassy hair,
I couldn’t stand it anymore,
Lady, please don’t let me count until four,
Be my queen and I’ll be your king,
But my wisdom interrupted saying,
If you had that thought, how many others would think of the same thing?

I proceeded walking on the street,
There were a lot of people so I decided to be discreet,
Moments later, a man passed by me with his arms around his girl,
They looked as if they were ecstatic,
Like there is no other world,
Girl, you choose that fellow?! Why didn’t you spurn?
Or the question is when is it my turn?
Then my heart pulled my ear, my hearings,
My heart told me,
She has been touched by another man,
You’re not her first and you might not even be her last, don’t you understand?

I hastened my steps,
Only to encounter night clubs and those so-called gangsters and thugs,
I’m wondering what are they doing acting like they used drugs,
One thing bugged me, though, on this street,
All of the women, they look counterfeit,
All of the women in the exotic uniforms, acting without shame, making unnecessary voices,
The men simultaneously amplified their donkey noises,
They might be beautiful now because they are in their prime,
But what about in 20 years time?
Coarse, wrinkled and hard skin,
Bones and organs dying slowly from within.

Man, you wasted your chance,
You could’ve at least asked her out for a dance,
Abruptly, my brain started communicating with me,
It questioned,
How content would your husband be?
What should only be shared to your husband, see
You’re so generous you let the world see,
Men, I don’t know where they are, where are the men?
Aren’t they supposed to protect the women?
& women, didn’t Allah told you to protect your own self, is that logically false or true?
So then, what is so special about you?

“O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them (when they go abroad). That will be better, so that they may be recognised and not annoyed. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.” (Quran 33:59)

Ps: The test that a lot of people (including me) struggle to pass, I pray that Allah make us better human beings and Muslims. Till next time inshAllah..=)


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Loving and respecting teachers more than before=)

Salam (peace be upon you) my brothers and sisters, sawadi kap? It is "How are you?" in Thai. Recently, alhamdulillah, I went to Thailand from the 17th of May 2011 till 29th of May 2011 for an English camp in an Islamic environment, to teach the kids there (they were like 15 till 18 and I'm still 19 but whatever, am older, hee) English. They were from all over the Southern part of Thailand, from 6 or 7 provinces mashAllah. The place itself is very nice, the event was held in one of the schools in Satun, border of Perlis. The school was surrounded by high hills and mountains, so for those of you who like environment and away from cities, that is the place to be.

  So I'll make this a short one inshAllah coz u know, we men don't like to talk or type a lot. So we went to Hat Yai, Thailand from Malaysia on the 17th May by bus and reached there on the 18th in the morning. There, we rested for a while ate, bathe, and recruited other members of the committees. At around 11am we made a move to Satun and it took us around 2 hours to get there.We reached there safely alhamdulillah after two hours of ride or sleep shall I say.

 The moment we reached there, I was like, "Yo this place is remote man, awesome, mashAllah". The place was far from the busy streets, some of the people could speak Malay (thatis REALLY good news to me) but mostly Thai, it was surrounded by trees and hills and cows and cows. There is nothing much to do as in activity wise there, so most of the time we (or I) will either sleep, eat, bathe, eat, read, eat and so on.

Alright, before anything, you should know that there were 10 instructors all together, it was also divided into reading, writing, speaking, and listening.... So my Indonesian brother by the name of Faizal, and I were in charge of reading... So here it goes... Bismillah..

  So the first day of teaching had arrived and my heart was thumping like there is Muhammad Ali inside punching on the speed bag. I didn't know what to do as it was my first experienced ey. Ok scratch that, I'm going to break it down to a few events to make it vivacious shall I say. First day, we asked the students to introduced themselves in front of class coz we wanted to remit and demolish their shyness to speak whenever necessary(See, the students there are different, they WERE not confident of their English, and it was broken as well). Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Then we proceeded with the Aladdin story that the committee have prepared for us. During nightfall, we had a meeting, and alhamdulillah, they agreed that we were there not to teach but to spark in their hearts to learn English and continue learning even after the camp.

  2nd day, we(me and my partner) made the class more lively, we asked them to participate and we explained in A LOT of languages(coz the kids were from diff backgrounds)....One time, to explain the word 'wife', it went like this, "Ok brothers and sisters, a wife is 'parayya' (Thai), 'parayya' is 'isteri' (Malay), 'isteri' is 'zaujah' (Arabic) and a 'zaujah' is a ... wife, durh", they were all laughing and smiling and that made me feel good, hee.
  3rd day, I'll share with u an incident, while we were reading, to make sure they understood the word 'afraid', I asked them to make a sentence, one from the brothers' side, and one from the sisters'....The brothers did their part, it was cool, then one sister put her hand up, she said...

I was like, "U afraid of me? Allah help you". Hahah...

  4th day came, my partner and I were dumbfounded-ly clueless of what to do in class and I kept on praying and bam alhamdulillah, I asked em what did they wana do, they replied "GAAAAAMMMEESS!", so we asked each student to make a sentence, they go one by one but the catch is that they have to be connected and in the end it has to make one whole story, and mashAllah it went smoothly with all four classes...

  After the camp, we had a few days to visit Koh Lipe which is translated to Lipe Island and it was like a reward for all of us alhamdulillah, very kind and generous of the Thai comm...I'll let the pictures do the talking...

It was a beautiful island and we went snorkeling, swimming, played water volleyball(ehek ehem my side won)and I also encountered two snakes while snorkeling...

Ps: I learned a lot compared to teaching, I could only teach so much really, but I gained insight to how the people of the Southern part were living(majority Muslims btw), their culture, how they speak, what they eat, and I even gained weight too!! & my advice to everybody is that, be a teacher even for one day, then you'll love, cherish, respect and adore your teachers even more, and that is one of my dreams for now, after retiring, ama be a teacher inshAllah....

Till next time, and sorry I haven't updated for quite a while....Salam, love u for Allah.