Monday, December 20, 2010

"I Know"

I know, I now know that this is a test,
So without hesitation, I have to be at my best,
I have to untie the knots on my tongue, and broaden my chest,
Is this world real my mortal friends, take a guess,
This is a house not a home, and I'm the guest,
A house full of evil, lust, madness, corruption... a prison, a mess,
No wonder people aren't happy but instead, stress,
What is the purpose being in this house?That is the answer to un-depress,
Hear me out my brothers and sisters, who are rising, those who are at rest,
Make your move now or die with nothing, just like in a game of chest.

Salam once again!!Hee,alhamdulillah,I get to live again today to share with dear readers(now I'm REALLY wondering if there are any,hee). How are you o beautiful soul of God? Not happy coz ur parents just scolded you??!Well..It is over ain't it?So smile..=). I get to share a poem with you.So be happy about that,heheh.Well,here is the back ground of this poem. I was in the library,WAIT before that,please guess when was it??It was during EXAM week,was suppose to study but yet,I was writing a poem,sorry exam,but after I got my results he said sorry to me,hahah.Well, I was sitting yeah, then I thought about writing a poem that rhymes all the way,but then again it has to be meaningful,not to write something that is meaningless. So this is what I've got.Its not that much but I hope you get the whole idea.

I think it is really important to understand what is the meaning of this life,and trust me my brothers and sisters,it is NOT what all those Westerners say that "The purpose of life is to find a purpose", and so on and so forth..U get what I mean?...Truly,think about it,what is the purpose of our lives?Just to eat,drink,sleep,act,govern people,have intercourse,have fun...all of that??REALLY?!Or do you really believe that we are from apes?Ok for arguments sake,let us say we are,Darwin made his own chain of evolution yeah:

Humans-monkeys-bla3-living mechanism

Now,who created the last one?U believe it was there NATURALLY?!U really believe that this world was created ACCIDENTALLY?!!

I was walking one day yeah,and to my right was a bare land,then all of a sudden the metals came into place,then cement made themselves hard,they designed a house,built a swimming pool,give it a good 5 months of constructing themselves and BAM!!U got BIG bungalow house.Will you believe me if I say I saw this happening?No,you would say that there must be a designer, and a group of people behind the building.Now lets go somewhere a bit bigger, look at the universe,who do you think created that?Is it logical if u say it happened by ACCIDENT?!Yes,I don't think so.Let me give u a translation of our (Muslims) Holy Book which is the Quran:

"And I (Allah) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone)" (51:56)

Now,is not the Creator of you and me is Worthy of Worship?Yes I would think so too...Look at the moon,look at the stars,look at ourselves,look at the blood,the bones...We were created weak,then strong,then back to weak,to show how Great Allah (The Only Worthy of Worship) is.We will certainly die my mortal friends,even Walt Disney,those Mickey Mouse and Daisy Duck won't survive for long.

It is really important to know what is the purpose of our lives in order to live. When He created everything, wouldn't He knows best for His creations?Exactly,see,He gave us everything in this world to test us,and put that in mind (IFRAN AS WELL!!)...See,you gain wealth,its a test of sharing and gratitude,ur mom is mad at you,its a test for you to be a patient son or daughter,and the list goes on.

All right then,my limited knowledge will impede here insha'Allah,till next time...May you find the way,may Allah bless us all and go to His Heaven and be among the companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)...Salam people,hee.

Ps:Move now,wait not till the light goes dim.=)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Malay,Indians,Chinese,Latinos,Africans...We're all brothers and sisters=)

Salam my lovely brothers and sisters(those who are reading...if any,hee),how are u doing?Alhamdulillah I guess,smile....good.Alright,insha'Allah I'll be sharing about 'brotherhood' or 'sisterhood' today.Before I start anything, the Prophet (saw) said:

"None of u have faith until you love for your brother what you love for yourself"

Masha'Allah what a powerful saying ain't it?You see(rubbing my beard,looking like a professor,hee)...can war, bribery, fights, stealing of neighbor's wife, stealing of property and money happens if we apply this in our lives?Maybe one or two but not as many as we have today as we can see and read in the news.When u apply this in your life yeah,and then you see your Malay brother in the street,begging for money,imagine u in that position,wouldn't you help him?NO?!!WHAT?!!What kinda...hahah,just kidding...anyway,or what about an Indian brother,without a leg,getting up the stairs to go to the LRT,IMAGINE YOU IN THAT POSITION,wouldn't you help him?Who knows,who knows,we might have opened his heart to Islam if he is not a Muslim,we don't know how Hidayah would come o beautiful people.

Islam encourages the believers to maintain a strong bond of brotherhood,not to be racist,coz verily the most honored of us in the sight of God,is not the one with the most wealth,not the one with a lota chicks around him,not the one with the greatest talent in music, not the one who speaks eloquently in front of people,NOT THE ONES WHO WRITE POEMS,but those who are the most RIGHTEOUS.

"O mankind!We have created you from a single pair of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another.Verily the most honourable of you with Allah is that (believer) who has 'At-taqwa'(righteousness).Verily, Allah is All-Kmowing, All-Aware." (Quran chapter 49: verse 13)

So what I'm saying is that I think it is really important for us to extend our friendship, not to only those of our 'homies' and gangs and what not,spread it to all,give salam to everyone(note to me,sometimes I forget).Help your friend if he is in trouble facing any difficulty,like family problems or stress in coping with exam...and u don't have to advice him this and that this and that, just search any jokes or ask Sheikh Google,then tell him,nice ones that is,then insha'Allah if u make him smile,thats a great deed there,noble character.

Oh,one important thing,if you love ur brother,(scratch it,even if you don't),tell ur brother whether through blood or Faith,tell him u love him.Make the relationship stronger,trust me,it have their ego I know,but our decisions shouldn't be made using that....heee.Ok,let us say, ur FURIOUS at your friends yeah, u feel like killing him...then the day comes when ur suppose to meet up for ur so called 'fight',no matter what ur heart says,on ur mouth,say to him 'I...errr...arrr....argh...llllloo...vee..u brother',now,u might not like to make the first move ey?Yes I see u nodding there,good kid,here's a lollipop...But see what happens,his heart will soften,and when he does that,his speech will soften,his body language will soften insha'Allah,then he will treat u kindly,and in return,can u still beat him up if he treats u like that?Don't think so,hee...Now,saying all that,imagine this dialog:

Person A: U wana fight me?
Person B:U ain't got nothing chump, I ain't scared of u and all of ur friends!!I'll whup u right now!
Person A:U and ur brother talks too much, u need a good bash on the face!
Person B:Oh yeah?!U don't need one coz ur too ugly already!!!

Lets take a look shall we?=)...Will this ever solve the problem? Enough said.

Alright,I shall stop here,insha'Allah, and alhamdulillah I've got a poem for you to read o handsome fella and beautiful lady:

Love Each Other

As you wake up in the morning,
Out of bed and straight for prayer,
Remember that Someone is watching,
Put it in mind so that it becomes a reminder,
So love each other like your brother.

When you study for your test,
Thinking of the time and venue,
Know that this isn't a jest,
Coz Someone is definitely observing you,
So love each other,
Send him your prayer.

When you fall into dispute
with your relative with sharp and painful words,
Just smile my brother and do not refute,
Coz in the end it will be absurd,
Just forgive them,
And continue writing your poem.

As your friend makes his mistake,
And it bothers you till it gives you pain, you don't seem to understand,
Do not just place your friendship at stake,
He is just a human being, he is no superman,
So just love him,
Before the light of the Earth goes dim.

You don't wana send ur 'peace' and say hello,
Just because of some bad quality,
And internally ur asking him to go,
What kind of mentality?
That is like Walt Disney crazy,
Though it is tough, just say you like him, the result, you shall see.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Highest Inhabitants of Heaven

3 guys were on their lunch break,and they each opened their lunch box:
1st guy:Oh no! Meat sandwich again??If tomorrow it stays the same I'm going to kill myself.
2nd guy:Oh no!Tuna!!Again!I'm going to kill myself tomorrow if it is the same menu.
3rd guy:Egg sandwich?!Man,same thing over n over again,I'm going to kill myself tomorrow if its the same thing.

(They have been eating the same thing for the past 3 months,thats why)

So the next day comes,IT WAS THE SAME THING!! So they killed themselves and they left a lil note for their wives at their side. After reading the notes:

1st wife:I don't understand,if you could've just informed me,I would've made a diff one...tsk tsk tsk
2nd wife:Why oh why my lovely husband?Why didn't u tell me,I could've changed it!!
3rd wife:(Scratches her head)I don't understand,you make ur own sandwiches!

  Salam brothers and sisters, that was not the topic that I wish to discuss, but I hope that made u smile,hee. A lil joke in the morning will keep u going (ah it rhymes). What I wish to share today insha'Allah is about "The Highest Inhabitants of Heaven" which is on poor people, our beloved Prophet(saw) had told us that Jannah or Heaven will be filled with a lot of poor people(no,am not saying rich people don't go to Heaven). And here is a little poem for you to read o beautiful soul:

"Help me, feed me" they cry,
Children every time I look at you I'll sigh.

If you understand why you're in tribulation,
You are one of the highest ranking of creation.

No money, no home, no parents, no shoulder to cry on,
I'll pray for mine to be cried on from night till dawn.

Know Who you live for,
So that nothing you will abhor.

Poor people is what they eschew,
Worry not, God is with you.

Love and comfort is the actual need,
O creations of God please take heed.

As for the children, please be patient,
The reward is nothing but Heaven.

Ps: They might be poor in this world but they'll succeed insha'Allah in the next world. So let us do the best we can to help them. Even if your wealth is in abundance, remember that one day it'll all be gone, so it is better to do it the right way with our wealth.

I think it is pretty clear in the world nowadays, the gap is SO VAST!! between the poor and the rich,as the guy that sang "Maria Maria" with Santana said:

"As the rich is getting richer,
The poor is getting poorer.."

Life is nothing but a test(reminder to me), being rich is a test of wealth,being poor is a test of patience and gratitude. Imagine,u waking up tomorrow morning, no clothes to wear, no food on the table,you can shower not, coz lack of $$$. They're crying inside,ain't no joke!!So be GRATEFUL with WHATEVER YOU HAVE NOW!!Do not think of what u don't have and be grateful with what u have.

Muslims,say alhamdulillah. I have a thought to share with u o handsome and lovely reader, please, I beg you, if u have some extra $$,just give it for Allah, insha'Allah,u'll get rewarded without a doubt,in this world as well as the next!!They are in need of love and comfort,and just some money to survive.

Correct me here,but its either in the Quran or Hadith that states that charity only increases in ur wealth...Don't matter how much u give,10 sen,go ahead,start somewhere...Imagine you feeling the pain,now imagine how many brothers and sisters out there that needs your help.Think around ur society first,then go big.

Wake up me hermano y hermana (brothers and sisters,hee), help those who are in need, insha'Allah, that will cure our greed.

Hee,alright I shall impede here,till next time insha'Allah, sorry if I said anything wrong or offensive,I'm just a human being,and thank you for your time.

Salam 1Malaysia,=)...Move,don't wait till the light goes dim.

Obligated Treausre


Obligated treasure,
What an elated feeling,
To have seen an obligated treasure,
Make the hearts faster in beating,
What would you do with them?
Aren't you going to keep them where nobody can find them?
Or reveal them to fools?
You don't have to be that generous,
And give them ideas with their tools,
Because their lust is indelibly ferocious,
What happens if they're exposed freely?
And everyone can see,
Wouldn't they love to touch, fantasize,smell and kiss them?
They won't be as special,
Treasure should be preserved and kept in a secure place,
Revealing them only to special and selected people,
Thus not sharing with everybody is the greatest option,
You say men, in the mind, are sick,
Letting them feel your diamonds is even more diabolic,
Women, you are this obligated treasure.

Salam dear beloved readers, como estas? tu mama y papa y hermana y hermoso? (How are you?Ur father,mother,sister,brother?) Hope everyone is good alhamdulillah. If you are feeling down, then, look at the beautiful body u have,and be happy about that.

  Alright boys and girls (hee), today Insha'Allah I had the opportunity to share my "nothing much,really" poem with beloved readers(if i have any). Since before I've always wanted to write on women, and alhamdulillah on the 4th of May 2010, I get to finish it. There I was somewhere in Malaysia, taking a walk, then I was observing my environment yeah, and you know what went through my mind, "Man,are we in trouble?"...You know, there is a saying that goes, "To judge a quality of a nation,look at the youth".Masha'Allah, u know what i witnessed?  I witness women all not dressing up properly, exposing here n there (am not saying they're naked,I'm the one that will be in trouble if that happens,hee), but u know,dressing like how the society dresses you. And men and women are mixing freely, touching here n there, kissing as a form of 'greeting'. Women getting drunk, not being able to control themselves,CRAZY MAN!!Imagine being lead by leaders who love to party at night,getting drunk,who practices "flower power"(sick act btw),imagine what kind of nation will that turn out to be??Realize it or not, IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK.

  You know,alhamdulillah, in Islam, the way to govern our life is already there for us to follow, and it is a beautiful one as well. Now,put in mind that I'm talking on women here, doesn't mean that men don't have to contribute,is that clear?Nod u head once if its clear,=). 

  I think it is pretty clear in the poem, depicting what I believe in and what I feel about women. You know,I strongly believe that in order to improve the problems (social) we have nowadays,concerning women, is for them to cover up properly, from head to toe. Imagine this situation please:

In an environment, women are covered from head to toe correctly,not exposing their beautiful ornaments, and everytime they see a man coming they quickly lower their gaze, and vice versa, men they do the same thing (except the covering part of course,hee), lower their gaze everytime they see a woman that is not part of the family.And certainly, they don't touch each other.

 Now,do u think that this situation, in that kinda environment, they will have "flower power" problems?Or abortion?Raping?Ok,let us be realistic, maybe there will be,but one or two,I can gurantee that it won't such a big problem,n there won't be homeless babies. Guess what,guess what, that is what Islam teaches us. To cover up, and be at our best. Subhanallah. Women, o lovely women, trust me, u don't have to expose yourself to attract men...Well,you will attract men, but all I'm saying is "all the best to you" for your relationship with him,hee....Just wait and be patient,your future husband will come to you insha'Allah, u don't,CERTAINLY DONT NEED A BF, but a husband is a need, so wait yeah?I see some nodding heads,very good.

  Alright I know I know,you might refute saying "What is wrong,once in a while we go out and have fun?Men respek I la,kawan2 I semua baik,serious!" Tell me something,I know you're wise, u do know that there are cases where women being raped by their "boyfriend for life" along with his friends some more wooo,jangan main2 you!! I can give more stories,but i think that is enough to prove that it is dangerous to go out freely with anybody. I think I'll impede here before I go any further and babble,hee,sorry and thanks for your time reading it,I love u for the sake of Allah,may Allah make it come true...amin.

Ps:Do not follow me on this example, for I am still struggling myself, I'm not the guy to follow on this one,I had my bad moments, but guess what?THAT WAS THE PAST,lets look forward,leave the past,he can't do anything about it...hee....

Salam,peace out my lovely brothers and sisters.=) Move before the light goes dim.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lovely Parents..< 3

Assalamua'laikum, simple greeting and a prayer I wish to you,which means "peace be upon you", I give to everybody that is reading this worthless piece of mine(coz im not sure people are reading this,hee).How are u handsome fella and beautiful sister?Hope ur smiling while answering that.Lemme help you,=)...Now that is better aint it?Hee,masha'Allah,very good,or or if u still can't smile,do this:

1)Look in the mirror
2)Make a piggy nose
3)Make the 'oink oink' sound

Saya nak tanya satu soalan yang sangat penting,HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE TREATED BY YOUR FUTURE SONS AND DAUGHTERS (INSHA'ALLAH)??Do u really want them to just send money at the end of the month,get out of the house by 18 to live his or her own life,without thinking back of what their parents have done for them??Or what about cursing at you,fighting u with sharp and painful words?That is even worse.Or disobeying their parents, going out whenever they want,drinking alcohol,taking drugs,sleeping with women,checking them out who is sexy who is flexy, or what about sending their parents to old folks home?...Now that is not a really obedient and a righteous son aint it?

OR,would you like to be treated like a KING and a QUEEN,like no other will treat u better than him or her sons and daughters??Wouldn't you like to be hugged, and kissed, and being told that somebody loves you?Masha'Allah,u would lie if u say u don't.Lemme tell you something brothers and sisters, HOW YOU TREAT YOUR PARENTS,WILL DETERMINE WHAT YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE LIKE TOWARDS YOU!!And guess what,guess what(like this one Sheikh use to say it,hee,sorry Sheikh),ISLAM has taught us to be thankful to our parents,to be kinder and more respectful towards his parents than any other person in the world..Listen to this translation of the Qur'an:

"Serve Allah,and join not any partners with Him: and do good- to parents..(4:36)

Masha'Allah,right after Allah,isn't that BIG??There are other verses that states we should be good to them,one i think will be enough.You know,we are even encouraged to pray,obligated in fact,to say:

"My Lord,Bestow on them Your Mercy even as they cherished me in childhood"(17:24)

Can I share with you something?(NOD YOUR HEAD,hee),you know,our mothers carried us for 9 months,it gets heavier day by day,she struggles to walk,to sit,to sleep,and sometimes she can fall,u know how painful that is?Well,for a fact,I dunno coz I'm a man,hee,plus I'm not at parental stage yet...Then she delivers you,sometimes it could be hours of delivering you coz u might get stuck u know what am saying?Hahah,IT IS PAINFUL..Then she takes care of u growing up,waking up in the middle of the night,just to see u alright and feed u,and comfort you with stories when u cry...And sometimes,she takes care of a kid till he is MASSIVE,30 years of age....Did u realize something?I'm telling you now what my mother told me:

"Being a mother is the toughest job,coz u work all the time,u don't get paid for that"

But do not worry,Heaven is waiting,which is better than some cash...And did u realize something again???That was just ONE of you,imagine 5 or 6 or 10?Wow,'superwoman' isn't she?

Being obedient,pray for them,send some of your money,give the food,IS THE LEAST YOU CAN DO FOR THEM!. Now I truly do not accept what certain people are doing like what we see on TV, treat ur parents as if parents are you friends...Send them to old folks home(MOST DIABOLIC THING)...Swearing to them...And a lot more where u can find absurd examples which is foreign in our "Way of Life"(I choose 'Way of Life' coz religion is a sensitive word). So my reminder to u and me:

1)Love ur parents
2)Tell them u love them
3)Show them u love them

As long as it doesn't go against our "Way of Life".I would like to end this with a hadith:

'Abdullah ibn Mas'ood (r.a) said:

"I asked the Prophet, 'Which deed is most liked by Allah?'He said, 'Prayer offered on time.' I asked him,'Then what?' He said, 'KINDNESS AND RESPECT TOWARDS PARENTS...."

(I emphasized on the parents part,hee)

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Garden of Knowledge and Virtue(IIUM!)

Salam,peace be upon YOU,hee,hows it going?Hope all is good,my prayer for you.For those of you who dunno,ur gona know now,that I'm a student in a really beautiful University in Malaysia,masha'Allah.
Since I finished school yeah,I've always wanted this University,and no other,cozo the environment,and I dont wana go away from my deen (way of life) since after school,so yeah, enough with all those troubles I gave to those around me,i need to change i thought.The environment,the rivers, the trees, the forest, to the people,men,women, everyone of them is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I think my poem will explain it all,so I introduce u Mr. Poem,may he explain everything to you on how great this University is...

Garden Of Knowledge and Virtue

Everyone should know,
The place where everybody should go,
A destination, in which underneath the river flows.

The spot of serenity, outside my window are the trees,
The way to the door, is filled with cool breeze,
Five times a day, the call to prayer will come from the mosque of peace.

With the voice of the Imam so fine,
Along with my brothers in the line,
Pray to Allah the Most Divine.

Indeed this is the place to be,
Where the environment gives me serenity,
And to my soul it gives tranquility.

This place have truly shown me the meaning of life,
Insha’Allah, among these kinds of people will be my wife,
There must be at least one bee that belongs to me in this enormous hive.

The lecturers have the knowledge that is balanced between this life and the hereafter,
What beautiful knowledge that pervaded my soul, a great reminder,
It also taught me that everybody everywhere in the world is brothers to each other.

Allah bless the people that is following and spreading Your deen,
Let these people show where the people’s minds have been,
For I believe that IIUM will spread the love that is yet to be seen.

Ps:For those of you who have the intention of coming to this great University,please do,its very good,forget what u HEARD!Come here and experience it for yourself....Remember the famous Bible verse "Seek and ye shall find",its true.BUT,do u remember the famous hadith by our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings upon him),"Actions are judged by intentions..."...That is also true...Hee

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blind...Act...Poem for you

The Fellow with The Stick

A blind man can’t see,
That is pretty obvious man,
But how come he can still smile and be happy?
Perhaps he can see the way that I don’t understand.

Then I ponder,
How many people walking on Earth uses their sight wrongly,
Not to be grateful, not to observe to do wonders,
Seeing things which are beautiful to them but to God so ugly.

A blind man can tell,
How close a car is to him very well,
But how sure am I that whatever catches my eyes,
Won’t burn me later on with a temperature that is ever so high?

That fellow with the stick can no more see the world,
Then my humble mind brought me a thought,
He won’t see the prostitutes in dresses, obscene images on the politicians face,
I guess Allah has His Own way on how to Plot.

Ps: Do you still have eyes? Then be thankful to Allah, before the time comes for them to be taken back. Use your eyes to a good way. Visit the blinds, and see how amazingly they perceive the world. This is a reminder to me and to my brothers and sisters out there. Peace.

Salam again brothers and sisters,how are you?If ur not smiling,smile now,I'll help you =)=)=)=)=)...Hee...Anyway,I started off with a poem of mine,about being blind.Now the story behind this is that, I was offered by my friend to act for her project, a small university project,for her class I think.

So the thing is, since I was a lil kid, I've been playing only 'good' characters,suddenly, in this short clip,I had to be a bad kid..ASTAGHFIRULLAH right?!Hahahah,stop smiling people...GUESS WHAT MY LINE WAS?!I had to say, "Eh,orang ni buta la!!"..well,one of the lines that is,my God,Allah...SO before the clip,after the clip, I was apologizing ALL THE WAY,a lota times,"Sorry pak cik sorry pak cik sorry uncle sorry uncle,I feel so bad"...Again n again n again,hahah,and that Uncle was so use to it,he said he had done commercials like that many times,I was A TINY WINY WEENY BIT relieved, but still!!So this poem is dedicated to that Uncle,a very special person,I wish to recite it to you one day insha'Allah.

I think the lesson we learn over and over again is that be THANKFUL!!With whatever that you have now,ur money,time,parents,brothers,sisters,car,home,food and the list goes on till the End of the World.Coz, it is no use when they're not there...U hate ur parents now, when they die later on, then u'll cry and regret,"Ah why didn't i do this and that?", same goes with your EYES,a pair of LOVELY EYES,u can see right??So why do u use it for the bad??(Mark that it is a reminder for me as well)....So be thankful,Muslims,say Alhamdulillah now!

Till next time insha'Allah,salam,now be thankful kids,hee,SMILE.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

BOXING!! Ah too sick...

Salam O brothers and sisters in faith and humanity,hows u the doing?Hopes it all good,hee...I think it is compulsary for everybody,when they speak of boxing,should mention Muhammad Ali in it,hahah.No doubt,he is a great fighter,he is not the greatest coz he said it himself that Allah is The Greatest,he was saying he was the greatest to get publicity,and get some $$$. AND IT WORKED!!

Mr Muhammad Ali no doubt inspired a lota people,he was one of the few people to inspire me to write poems, among other people. N one of the few people to inspire to box as well, other than Prince Naseem, Amer Khan, Tyson, and a few others.

So...I had two fights so far,one not really serious,one was serious,I won one,the other one,no winner. U know,Ali box for the unity of the African Americans, thats pretty cool i thought,so I had my own intention of boxing.THAT is a great reminder everybody,when u wana do something,make sure ur intentions are good!!If u wana box just to show ur great, and wana beat up that fella real bad,might as well don't...coz...what do u achieve??...I have my personal intention insha'Allah,may Allah make it right. So wana know the story of my fight:

I challenge that fella,he is a HUGE dude,with HUGE punches as well,so before the fight,I already started boxing with my mouth,I wrote a poem for him(yes to succeed,follow those who are experienced,so i followed Ali,hee):

He is going down,
I'm not sure in which round,
I'll win so i'll wear the crown,
He'll scream so he'll wear the gown.

NOW!!hee, I won the fight, but instead of him falling,i fell instead,got BAM! knocked down in the first round, it was too sick, so i got back up,move my legs, gave him a boxing lesson till the third round which he couldn't go any further..Alhamdulillah I won,and got my money..I'll use it for the good insha'Allah,thanks Aizuddin the great puncher.

My next fight will be in December, i can't train for 2 weeks coz my deltoid,lol,well,something is wrong with it...After that, i shall train REAL HRAD!!:

I'll swim with the sharks,
I'll run with the cheetah,
I'll punch black ants in the dark,
I'll punch him straight to Utah.

Thank you,till next time insha'Allah,peace out beautiful people...=)

How to overcome depression, stress...PROBLEMS,AAA!!

Salam beautiful people, alhamdulillah I get to walk on this Earth again today, imagine u sleeping tonight, knowing that u won't wake up tomorrow...Scary,brr...Alright,sorry,got carried away,hee..

Anyway, to our topic, the most prevalent disease that A LOT of people are facing nowadays, DEPRESSION, STRESS!!Oh my days!! Lemme tell you something, it is normal to have problems, but what is not normal is to go for substances like ciggarettes, alcohol, killing yourself, and trust me, that will lead to more problems...So...DO NOT LOOK FOR INSTANT PLEASURE...Its dangerous...Walt Disney crazy(hee)...

Let me ask you a question, are u a leader of a nation, a father, a husband, a warrior, a neighbor, a preacher, a friend, and many more at the same time?...The Prophet (saw) was, but he (saw)(peace and blessings be upon him) was always smiling at the same. So,what could, a student like me be facing that is so major that I couldn't smile?Astaghfirullah(feel so bad)...So I made a poem for this,enjoy,most of all benefit,and smile after reading this:

Away and advance.(13th May 2010)

Away from sorrow and advance to happiness,
Don’t dream about the future,
For it is not sure.

Away from sorrow and advance to happiness,
Don’t be among all those dumb,
For tomorrow might not come.

Away from sorrow and advance to happiness,
Don’t waste the hours,
Use them with all your power.

Away from sorrow and advance to happiness,
Perform a good deed a today,
Think not what people say.

Away from sorrow and advance to happiness,
Do them with sincerity,
Sometimes nobody will see.

Away from sorrow and advance to happiness,
Fill your eyes with beautiful tears I tell,
For death isn’t far and so do Heaven and Hell.

Away from sorrow and advance to happiness,
Show gratitude in whatever you receive,
For you have more to give.

Away from sorrow and advance to happiness,
Love all of your family members,
You’ll be judged by who you love do remember.

Away from sorrow and advance to happiness,
Show your concern for humankind,
Moment that had passed can’t be rewind.

Away from sorrow and advance to happiness,
Follow the One and Only,
And attain happiness eternally.

Oh snap, since we're on this poem yeah, I once recited this poem on air, on my campus's radio,IIUM.FM,alhamdulillah,thanks to my friend Wajihah Kholil,the DJ...And I wrote the DJ a poem as well,an appreciation and it goes like this (thank you Waji):

Waji the Empress

This goes to my happy and cheerful friend Waji,
A woman that walks on the street of this University,
She is a good person, a good person indeed,
Every time I see her, I’ll cycle away with speed,
Though sometimes she inflicts on me pain,
But through her a lot I have gained,
One thing for a fact,
She paved and showed me the way to act,
My last words are the ones that I won’t eschew,
From my very own mouth, I would like to say thank you.

Note that Waji calls herself that,not me...Hee...Jazakallah khair whoever is reading this...Till next time insha'Allah,salam and smile 1Malaysia

Monday, November 15, 2010

A friend in need something2 indeed...Alright cool,hee

Salam brothers and sisters,how are you?Good I guess,masha'Allah,hee...Alright,this one is about friends,what does a friend means to you?It is really important to choose who u hang out with to look 'cool' and all,coz u'll be judged by whom u love,remember.I know u shape urself first and all,so from shaping urself,u shape ur surrounding,meaning u choose ur friends...Now now,I'm not saying u should be picky,be friends with all,love everybody,but to be with or to 'lepak'(hang out) with,choose the ones that will tell u if u did wrong,and the ones that will bring out the best in you...I wrote a poem on this,enjoy,and most of all,benefit from it:

From Mum, with love…

Wandering in her garden,
Searching for her daughter, she hastens,
She finds her next to her favorite flower,
Her face was never this sour,
Running her fingers through her daughter’s hair,
Sitting down with a slow salsa music playing, on a rocking chair,
While watching the setting of the sun,
Munching on a piece of bun,
“Love, who you choose around you,
Will, in the future, shape you,
From a sincerely loving mother, here is my advice,
It is you yourself firstly that you should chastise,
So that the society will love,
You, like you fell directly from above,
Choose your friends not with lust but with brain,
They will alleviate you through your sufferings of pain,
A friend will always pray for your well being,
And upon seeing you, greet with a face that is always smiling,
Being deceitful to and about you will sound foreign,
Your respect is what he hopes to gain,
Like the bees that extract from flowers to bring to their nest,
From you, he’ll bring out the best,
Like the bricks that supports each other,
A friend will be there like your sister or brother,
Like the water flowing to the river edge,
A friend will never stop sharing his knowledge even in a prison cage,
Choose the ones, who’ll always be there through ups and downs,
Choose the ones that will never make you frown,
A friend will teach anything, even how to make tarts,
A friend will bear with the noise and smell of your fart,
Hope you find them, not now, soon,
Companions are like the stars that beautify the moon.”

Do not wait till the light goes dim..=)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My brothers...Keep fighting,amin

"View from Palestine…"

One morning, I stood up for prayer,
I realized, no brother no father and mother,
I wept in grieve,
Hoping patience that He will give,
Give me strength to bear,
All the pain I feel everywhere,
And I know my brothers and sisters are praying for Palestine,
Hoping that one day victory will be with Palestine,
But now I see the bombs, tanks, and soldiers,
Moving swiftly towards us, destroying every single boulder,
I say to my brothers, “Let’s go,
With Allah on our side, and face our foe”,
They told their parents, that we are going and said “Peace”,
We’re petrified, deep in our hearts, hoping that the moment will cease,
We see them killing our fathers and mothers, with bombs in the sky,
Pushed our fears away, and lift our spirits and heads up high,
I hope today is my last,
And to clean the wound and pain I have in my chest,
I know Allah and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) are waiting for me,
I’m just waiting for my soul to be free.
(July 2, 2010)

Salam people..I started off with a poem for Palestine,this is just a small thing I can do for my brothers and sisters who go to war on a daily routine,may Allah protect them,amin...NOW! I refuse to say that the Israel state is not human,or the USA is under their command, and some people are stupid and this and that and this and that.....REMMINDER!!When we point our finger,how many fingers are poiting back at us?EXACTLY!& it is true,think about it,what do u get when u blame?Well...more war is one...among other things...So the best thing to do is what YOU can do for yourself first,then comes your family,then society,then later the Ummah,insha'Allah...For our brothers and sisters in Palestine,we pray for them,coz with every prayer that we say to them,the Angels will say amin to them and you,isn't that beautiful my brothers?=)hee...We just do what we can here,insha'Allah,we can meet them in the Hereafter...

Here is one thing that we should be grateful for, and one thing I really admire about the Palestinians...I know this coz I've seen them in front of my eyes...The Palestinians can still smile and laugh and be patient despite the fact that their country is at war,the percentage of their dads being killed,VERY HIGH,their moms and sisters being raped,VERY HIGH,their houses being destroyed,HAPPENED ALREADY!! So I ask Allah to continue giving them patience where ever they are on this Earth,amin...Love you for the sake of Allah,peace out my brothers.

Do not wait for the light to go dim...=)

If I meet Mr. Prime Minister...

Salam,how are you?Alhamdulillah should be ur answer,hee,alhamdulillah(All Praise to Allah) am doing pretty,and good too=)...Alright,to our topic,I really do have a huge respect for our current Prime Minister,coz leading a country ain't easy,try leading a family,see how hard it is...Then u lead a nation,with Indians,Malays,Chinese,and Orang Asli some more,aiyo,tableyo(tak boleh O,cannot o). I respect him because it is a big responsibility in this life and the next, coz guess what one of the questions will be on in the Hereafter, is that if a Muslim(those who submit to Allah,The Only Worthy of Worship) doesn't go to the mosque and pray, he will be asked why,deb deb deb deb...And he is only a human being,so he makes mistakes,I pray for him to bring us towards the better instead of worse...My dream is that if i get to see him insh'Allah, I shall recite this poem and it goes out to all the leaders as well:

Speech for Prime Minister…

A leader is a man, who follows not the majority, and does the things which is right,
And who does things with sincerity and with all their might,
It is he who leads the people from darkness to light.

A leader is just,
Who follows not their lust,
But who cares for his people and being rich isn’t a must.

It is not some fancy building you should develop, but instead develop your nation in their minds,
The greatest Way of life, that is what a leader should find,
Because if you don’t, a person might end up playing a man’s behind.(Oops)

If you look, you’ll find the majority of your people with minds that are shallow,
You can’t blame them for being in this state of sorrow,
Mr. Prime Minister, you have the authority to make it go.

Come down here and be humble,
Don’t let people know of your presence, experience your people,
Then only you can truly help those who struggle.

Construct a statue of patriotic in our hearts instead of some dumb statues in our land,
That is something I, insha'Allah(God willing), will unequivocally help by giving a hand,
But before you start, include Allah(The Only Worthy of Worship) in your plan.

Ps: May Allah make my dream come true...amin...jazakallah khair(may Allah increase u in good deeds)..=)

Friday, November 12, 2010

What is the purpose of this life?? (Dancers and The Judge)

Have you REALLY pondered upon this vitally essential question?!

Some people say, "We live only once,enjoy to the max", "Eat all you can while u still can", "Own money,money is everything","Life is about loving a girl(this one is funny as a bunny)"...Really??Is that it?Those things are parts of life,we do it in moderation of course.Ok,lets look at this,we were born on this Earth, we were raised up, we learn,experience this and that, but we always forget (reminder to me) that death can come anytime,ANYTIME brothers and sisters, so what happens next? You eat,sleep,drink,consumate,then die,that is like an animal ain't it? As Muslims, it is already clear to us that life is a mere test, to prepare for the Hereafter...u get rich, it is a test whether u are thankful to Him or not,u get poor, a test of patience,many more examples...So in the Holy Quran (a Book of Guidance to Muslims), it says (51:56) : "And I have created jinn and men except to worship Me(Alone)"..So what about the others?

I also have made a poem on life,through the perspective of dancing,and it goes:

Dancers and the Judge

Find the rhythm of life,
And dance around them,
Put your shoes on,
Start moving like there’s no more tomorrow,
Have faith in your heart, and He’ll set you in motion,
Put beliefs in your hands as it will the misguided,
Have sincerity in your feet, they will lead to the right direction,
Put love in your mind & you won’t be divided,
All of the dancers will be judged,
Not by the ignorant but by The Judge, The Eternal,
Not by our movements, techniques, our dresses or suits, nor our faces,
But by our humbleness in those movements,
On how we dance not to seek the attention of others but Him,
On how hard we strive to seek those movements,
He sent us the perfect rhythm and an instructor on how to move,
In the end, it is up to us on how we want to be judged,
The scorecards will tell, to pleasure or torment.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Exotic Butterfly

This is my first time here,so salam and hello brothers and sisters in faith and humanity...Alright,as for my first act,I shall share with everybody, my first poem,here is the background:
I wasn't a good kid before, I had a "girl-friend", then after a while, through experiences, and asking questions, I realized that it is not right, so I decided, the next time I fall in love, it will be in front of the family insha'Allah (God Willing), and that will be my future wife, I love u whoever u are (Malay,Spanish,Arab,anybody...hee)..So then the moment of truth came,I had to tell my "gf" right that I made my decision, I was in trouble, so i said alright, I'll write a poem, and it goes:

I didn't realize it,
Until i gave it a thought,
I thought it was only a bit,
The Butterfly influenced me a lot,
A cry is what got her through,
All the obstacles she went through,
Tears doesn't mean she fears,
She is strong and can whup the mighty King Kong,
If the people loved each other,
Like how she loves kids of all race,
As if they were her brother,
The world would be a better place,
A butterfly doesn't belong to a 'Lavender',
She belongs to the world to make it lovelier,
The next flower she stops at,
Will surely be pretty,
There isn't a doubt,
But it surely won't be as pretty as me,
She is a beautiful girl,
So u better get ready world,
She doesn't need anybody,
To feel like a somebody,
Because I know she isn't a tree,
That waits for the rain to look pretty...