Monday, December 20, 2010

"I Know"

I know, I now know that this is a test,
So without hesitation, I have to be at my best,
I have to untie the knots on my tongue, and broaden my chest,
Is this world real my mortal friends, take a guess,
This is a house not a home, and I'm the guest,
A house full of evil, lust, madness, corruption... a prison, a mess,
No wonder people aren't happy but instead, stress,
What is the purpose being in this house?That is the answer to un-depress,
Hear me out my brothers and sisters, who are rising, those who are at rest,
Make your move now or die with nothing, just like in a game of chest.

Salam once again!!Hee,alhamdulillah,I get to live again today to share with dear readers(now I'm REALLY wondering if there are any,hee). How are you o beautiful soul of God? Not happy coz ur parents just scolded you??!Well..It is over ain't it?So smile..=). I get to share a poem with you.So be happy about that,heheh.Well,here is the back ground of this poem. I was in the library,WAIT before that,please guess when was it??It was during EXAM week,was suppose to study but yet,I was writing a poem,sorry exam,but after I got my results he said sorry to me,hahah.Well, I was sitting yeah, then I thought about writing a poem that rhymes all the way,but then again it has to be meaningful,not to write something that is meaningless. So this is what I've got.Its not that much but I hope you get the whole idea.

I think it is really important to understand what is the meaning of this life,and trust me my brothers and sisters,it is NOT what all those Westerners say that "The purpose of life is to find a purpose", and so on and so forth..U get what I mean?...Truly,think about it,what is the purpose of our lives?Just to eat,drink,sleep,act,govern people,have intercourse,have fun...all of that??REALLY?!Or do you really believe that we are from apes?Ok for arguments sake,let us say we are,Darwin made his own chain of evolution yeah:

Humans-monkeys-bla3-living mechanism

Now,who created the last one?U believe it was there NATURALLY?!U really believe that this world was created ACCIDENTALLY?!!

I was walking one day yeah,and to my right was a bare land,then all of a sudden the metals came into place,then cement made themselves hard,they designed a house,built a swimming pool,give it a good 5 months of constructing themselves and BAM!!U got BIG bungalow house.Will you believe me if I say I saw this happening?No,you would say that there must be a designer, and a group of people behind the building.Now lets go somewhere a bit bigger, look at the universe,who do you think created that?Is it logical if u say it happened by ACCIDENT?!Yes,I don't think so.Let me give u a translation of our (Muslims) Holy Book which is the Quran:

"And I (Allah) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone)" (51:56)

Now,is not the Creator of you and me is Worthy of Worship?Yes I would think so too...Look at the moon,look at the stars,look at ourselves,look at the blood,the bones...We were created weak,then strong,then back to weak,to show how Great Allah (The Only Worthy of Worship) is.We will certainly die my mortal friends,even Walt Disney,those Mickey Mouse and Daisy Duck won't survive for long.

It is really important to know what is the purpose of our lives in order to live. When He created everything, wouldn't He knows best for His creations?Exactly,see,He gave us everything in this world to test us,and put that in mind (IFRAN AS WELL!!)...See,you gain wealth,its a test of sharing and gratitude,ur mom is mad at you,its a test for you to be a patient son or daughter,and the list goes on.

All right then,my limited knowledge will impede here insha'Allah,till next time...May you find the way,may Allah bless us all and go to His Heaven and be among the companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)...Salam people,hee.

Ps:Move now,wait not till the light goes dim.=)

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