Saturday, December 11, 2010

Malay,Indians,Chinese,Latinos,Africans...We're all brothers and sisters=)

Salam my lovely brothers and sisters(those who are reading...if any,hee),how are u doing?Alhamdulillah I guess,smile....good.Alright,insha'Allah I'll be sharing about 'brotherhood' or 'sisterhood' today.Before I start anything, the Prophet (saw) said:

"None of u have faith until you love for your brother what you love for yourself"

Masha'Allah what a powerful saying ain't it?You see(rubbing my beard,looking like a professor,hee)...can war, bribery, fights, stealing of neighbor's wife, stealing of property and money happens if we apply this in our lives?Maybe one or two but not as many as we have today as we can see and read in the news.When u apply this in your life yeah,and then you see your Malay brother in the street,begging for money,imagine u in that position,wouldn't you help him?NO?!!WHAT?!!What kinda...hahah,just kidding...anyway,or what about an Indian brother,without a leg,getting up the stairs to go to the LRT,IMAGINE YOU IN THAT POSITION,wouldn't you help him?Who knows,who knows,we might have opened his heart to Islam if he is not a Muslim,we don't know how Hidayah would come o beautiful people.

Islam encourages the believers to maintain a strong bond of brotherhood,not to be racist,coz verily the most honored of us in the sight of God,is not the one with the most wealth,not the one with a lota chicks around him,not the one with the greatest talent in music, not the one who speaks eloquently in front of people,NOT THE ONES WHO WRITE POEMS,but those who are the most RIGHTEOUS.

"O mankind!We have created you from a single pair of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another.Verily the most honourable of you with Allah is that (believer) who has 'At-taqwa'(righteousness).Verily, Allah is All-Kmowing, All-Aware." (Quran chapter 49: verse 13)

So what I'm saying is that I think it is really important for us to extend our friendship, not to only those of our 'homies' and gangs and what not,spread it to all,give salam to everyone(note to me,sometimes I forget).Help your friend if he is in trouble facing any difficulty,like family problems or stress in coping with exam...and u don't have to advice him this and that this and that, just search any jokes or ask Sheikh Google,then tell him,nice ones that is,then insha'Allah if u make him smile,thats a great deed there,noble character.

Oh,one important thing,if you love ur brother,(scratch it,even if you don't),tell ur brother whether through blood or Faith,tell him u love him.Make the relationship stronger,trust me,it have their ego I know,but our decisions shouldn't be made using that....heee.Ok,let us say, ur FURIOUS at your friends yeah, u feel like killing him...then the day comes when ur suppose to meet up for ur so called 'fight',no matter what ur heart says,on ur mouth,say to him 'I...errr...arrr....argh...llllloo...vee..u brother',now,u might not like to make the first move ey?Yes I see u nodding there,good kid,here's a lollipop...But see what happens,his heart will soften,and when he does that,his speech will soften,his body language will soften insha'Allah,then he will treat u kindly,and in return,can u still beat him up if he treats u like that?Don't think so,hee...Now,saying all that,imagine this dialog:

Person A: U wana fight me?
Person B:U ain't got nothing chump, I ain't scared of u and all of ur friends!!I'll whup u right now!
Person A:U and ur brother talks too much, u need a good bash on the face!
Person B:Oh yeah?!U don't need one coz ur too ugly already!!!

Lets take a look shall we?=)...Will this ever solve the problem? Enough said.

Alright,I shall stop here,insha'Allah, and alhamdulillah I've got a poem for you to read o handsome fella and beautiful lady:

Love Each Other

As you wake up in the morning,
Out of bed and straight for prayer,
Remember that Someone is watching,
Put it in mind so that it becomes a reminder,
So love each other like your brother.

When you study for your test,
Thinking of the time and venue,
Know that this isn't a jest,
Coz Someone is definitely observing you,
So love each other,
Send him your prayer.

When you fall into dispute
with your relative with sharp and painful words,
Just smile my brother and do not refute,
Coz in the end it will be absurd,
Just forgive them,
And continue writing your poem.

As your friend makes his mistake,
And it bothers you till it gives you pain, you don't seem to understand,
Do not just place your friendship at stake,
He is just a human being, he is no superman,
So just love him,
Before the light of the Earth goes dim.

You don't wana send ur 'peace' and say hello,
Just because of some bad quality,
And internally ur asking him to go,
What kind of mentality?
That is like Walt Disney crazy,
Though it is tough, just say you like him, the result, you shall see.


  1. Hope u benefit from it as well,jazakallah khair(may Allah increase u in good deeds)...hee...=)