Thursday, December 2, 2010

Highest Inhabitants of Heaven

3 guys were on their lunch break,and they each opened their lunch box:
1st guy:Oh no! Meat sandwich again??If tomorrow it stays the same I'm going to kill myself.
2nd guy:Oh no!Tuna!!Again!I'm going to kill myself tomorrow if it is the same menu.
3rd guy:Egg sandwich?!Man,same thing over n over again,I'm going to kill myself tomorrow if its the same thing.

(They have been eating the same thing for the past 3 months,thats why)

So the next day comes,IT WAS THE SAME THING!! So they killed themselves and they left a lil note for their wives at their side. After reading the notes:

1st wife:I don't understand,if you could've just informed me,I would've made a diff one...tsk tsk tsk
2nd wife:Why oh why my lovely husband?Why didn't u tell me,I could've changed it!!
3rd wife:(Scratches her head)I don't understand,you make ur own sandwiches!

  Salam brothers and sisters, that was not the topic that I wish to discuss, but I hope that made u smile,hee. A lil joke in the morning will keep u going (ah it rhymes). What I wish to share today insha'Allah is about "The Highest Inhabitants of Heaven" which is on poor people, our beloved Prophet(saw) had told us that Jannah or Heaven will be filled with a lot of poor people(no,am not saying rich people don't go to Heaven). And here is a little poem for you to read o beautiful soul:

"Help me, feed me" they cry,
Children every time I look at you I'll sigh.

If you understand why you're in tribulation,
You are one of the highest ranking of creation.

No money, no home, no parents, no shoulder to cry on,
I'll pray for mine to be cried on from night till dawn.

Know Who you live for,
So that nothing you will abhor.

Poor people is what they eschew,
Worry not, God is with you.

Love and comfort is the actual need,
O creations of God please take heed.

As for the children, please be patient,
The reward is nothing but Heaven.

Ps: They might be poor in this world but they'll succeed insha'Allah in the next world. So let us do the best we can to help them. Even if your wealth is in abundance, remember that one day it'll all be gone, so it is better to do it the right way with our wealth.

I think it is pretty clear in the world nowadays, the gap is SO VAST!! between the poor and the rich,as the guy that sang "Maria Maria" with Santana said:

"As the rich is getting richer,
The poor is getting poorer.."

Life is nothing but a test(reminder to me), being rich is a test of wealth,being poor is a test of patience and gratitude. Imagine,u waking up tomorrow morning, no clothes to wear, no food on the table,you can shower not, coz lack of $$$. They're crying inside,ain't no joke!!So be GRATEFUL with WHATEVER YOU HAVE NOW!!Do not think of what u don't have and be grateful with what u have.

Muslims,say alhamdulillah. I have a thought to share with u o handsome and lovely reader, please, I beg you, if u have some extra $$,just give it for Allah, insha'Allah,u'll get rewarded without a doubt,in this world as well as the next!!They are in need of love and comfort,and just some money to survive.

Correct me here,but its either in the Quran or Hadith that states that charity only increases in ur wealth...Don't matter how much u give,10 sen,go ahead,start somewhere...Imagine you feeling the pain,now imagine how many brothers and sisters out there that needs your help.Think around ur society first,then go big.

Wake up me hermano y hermana (brothers and sisters,hee), help those who are in need, insha'Allah, that will cure our greed.

Hee,alright I shall impede here,till next time insha'Allah, sorry if I said anything wrong or offensive,I'm just a human being,and thank you for your time.

Salam 1Malaysia,=)...Move,don't wait till the light goes dim.

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