Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Make a speech when you're mad and that is the best speech you'll ever regret"

Salam my brothers and sisters, hows life? All right, skip it, have u ever in your life felt like your head is burning hot red, you can't think of any good thing to do, fist tight closed together, feel like demolishing those walls in front of u trana show that you're the Hulk, pick fights with everybody you meet, or in other words, ANGRY???

WOW, anger is a powerful emotion ain't it? It is natural too, I experienced 'em myself as well(and I use to think its cool) recently. Something happened, something that I read, experienced, made me suddenly like "WAM!", yo what is happening? You know those kind of things. BUT, I praise Allah that every time I am mad, I will always be alone, so that the only thing that will get hurt is the air (u know, punching, hahah). Also how many times we hear that "If we don't control something something then that thing will control us"... how true is that?

Anger is something that should be control with patience isn't it? Allahu musta'an. It is not easy to think straight when we are mad ain't it? Try it try it try it, hee... Anger is not something that is good or bad per se because u see, if somebody stole our things or rob an auntie/mak cik in front of us, and we are mad, is that good or not? But if somebody gets mad because u forgot to buy something for example, that is a bit silly ain't it? So anger is something that is natural and it needs to be control.

Put in mind that this reminder goes to me first before to anybody else, truly.

Now, have u ever heard of "The power is in your hands"? To a certain extent, this statement is accepted. It is about physiology, see, try this out, when you are mad yeah, you frown until your muscles can't frown no more, clenched fist, breathing a split second, try smiling RIGHT THERE AT THE MOMENT, and put your eye brows straight up, can u be mad like that? I don't think so, if u still can, then you must be from America, coz all the great things are there on Hollywood, aliens, etc etc hahah. What did the Prophet (saw) said when u are mad, "Don't get mad (3x)" didn't he? Didn't he also say if you're mad while standing, sit down, and if you are mad while sitting down, lie down...What does that tell u? Physiology isn't it?

One more thing we can do if we are mad or upset is my all time favorite, that is to.....

NO, not to box, but make du'a or pray to God/Allah to ease our hearts when we are angry. Now we all know that Allah is not like a human being, He can Hear everything, so He will inshAllah ta'ala respond to our call...why not give it shot?

Thats it for now, there is a lot more to share regarding anger. Any mistakes, I'm sorry they're from me, the good, from Allah, salam till next time.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Inside the mind of a man"

  Salam, hey brothers and sisters, how u guys doing? All right, as I said before, men, we don't like to talk much, or type ey, so I'm going to head straight to the point here...

  Brothers and sisters, before anything, I would like to apologize if I will hurt any feelings, offend anybody after I post this, I meant no harm, I love u for the sake of Allah, we're all human beings, if I make a mistake please forgive me and remind me nicely, I don't want to bomb you=),am just kidding of course...

  In this world, everything is a test, and everybody have their own test to pass, not every test is the same. For men for example, the biggest test is women (don't deny this, even gays at one point were straight, their surroundings influenced them and made them go against nature), and for women, it might be their emotions, or beauty...So this poem is really clear I think, here goes, Bismillah...

Every day I would definitely walk on the same street,
Sometimes lowering my gaze, looking hither and thither, and sometimes and my feet,
Then, my eyes caught this lady in the dress,
Wow, I was impressed by the dress,
In my head I was like, “Hey lady, want a date?
Your life seems extricate”,
But then I realized it was lust talking, God, how I hate…

As I was sitting, I ordered my drink,
Opened my book and started to think,
No longer than 3 seconds, there was a lady on the opposite chair,
Tanned skin, green eyes, long sassy hair,
I couldn’t stand it anymore,
Lady, please don’t let me count until four,
Be my queen and I’ll be your king,
But my wisdom interrupted saying,
If you had that thought, how many others would think of the same thing?

I proceeded walking on the street,
There were a lot of people so I decided to be discreet,
Moments later, a man passed by me with his arms around his girl,
They looked as if they were ecstatic,
Like there is no other world,
Girl, you choose that fellow?! Why didn’t you spurn?
Or the question is when is it my turn?
Then my heart pulled my ear, my hearings,
My heart told me,
She has been touched by another man,
You’re not her first and you might not even be her last, don’t you understand?

I hastened my steps,
Only to encounter night clubs and those so-called gangsters and thugs,
I’m wondering what are they doing acting like they used drugs,
One thing bugged me, though, on this street,
All of the women, they look counterfeit,
All of the women in the exotic uniforms, acting without shame, making unnecessary voices,
The men simultaneously amplified their donkey noises,
They might be beautiful now because they are in their prime,
But what about in 20 years time?
Coarse, wrinkled and hard skin,
Bones and organs dying slowly from within.

Man, you wasted your chance,
You could’ve at least asked her out for a dance,
Abruptly, my brain started communicating with me,
It questioned,
How content would your husband be?
What should only be shared to your husband, see
You’re so generous you let the world see,
Men, I don’t know where they are, where are the men?
Aren’t they supposed to protect the women?
& women, didn’t Allah told you to protect your own self, is that logically false or true?
So then, what is so special about you?

“O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them (when they go abroad). That will be better, so that they may be recognised and not annoyed. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.” (Quran 33:59)

Ps: The test that a lot of people (including me) struggle to pass, I pray that Allah make us better human beings and Muslims. Till next time inshAllah..=)


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Loving and respecting teachers more than before=)

Salam (peace be upon you) my brothers and sisters, sawadi kap? It is "How are you?" in Thai. Recently, alhamdulillah, I went to Thailand from the 17th of May 2011 till 29th of May 2011 for an English camp in an Islamic environment, to teach the kids there (they were like 15 till 18 and I'm still 19 but whatever, am older, hee) English. They were from all over the Southern part of Thailand, from 6 or 7 provinces mashAllah. The place itself is very nice, the event was held in one of the schools in Satun, border of Perlis. The school was surrounded by high hills and mountains, so for those of you who like environment and away from cities, that is the place to be.

  So I'll make this a short one inshAllah coz u know, we men don't like to talk or type a lot. So we went to Hat Yai, Thailand from Malaysia on the 17th May by bus and reached there on the 18th in the morning. There, we rested for a while ate, bathe, and recruited other members of the committees. At around 11am we made a move to Satun and it took us around 2 hours to get there.We reached there safely alhamdulillah after two hours of ride or sleep shall I say.

 The moment we reached there, I was like, "Yo this place is remote man, awesome, mashAllah". The place was far from the busy streets, some of the people could speak Malay (thatis REALLY good news to me) but mostly Thai, it was surrounded by trees and hills and cows and cows. There is nothing much to do as in activity wise there, so most of the time we (or I) will either sleep, eat, bathe, eat, read, eat and so on.

Alright, before anything, you should know that there were 10 instructors all together, it was also divided into reading, writing, speaking, and listening.... So my Indonesian brother by the name of Faizal, and I were in charge of reading... So here it goes... Bismillah..

  So the first day of teaching had arrived and my heart was thumping like there is Muhammad Ali inside punching on the speed bag. I didn't know what to do as it was my first experienced ey. Ok scratch that, I'm going to break it down to a few events to make it vivacious shall I say. First day, we asked the students to introduced themselves in front of class coz we wanted to remit and demolish their shyness to speak whenever necessary(See, the students there are different, they WERE not confident of their English, and it was broken as well). Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Then we proceeded with the Aladdin story that the committee have prepared for us. During nightfall, we had a meeting, and alhamdulillah, they agreed that we were there not to teach but to spark in their hearts to learn English and continue learning even after the camp.

  2nd day, we(me and my partner) made the class more lively, we asked them to participate and we explained in A LOT of languages(coz the kids were from diff backgrounds)....One time, to explain the word 'wife', it went like this, "Ok brothers and sisters, a wife is 'parayya' (Thai), 'parayya' is 'isteri' (Malay), 'isteri' is 'zaujah' (Arabic) and a 'zaujah' is a ... wife, durh", they were all laughing and smiling and that made me feel good, hee.
  3rd day, I'll share with u an incident, while we were reading, to make sure they understood the word 'afraid', I asked them to make a sentence, one from the brothers' side, and one from the sisters'....The brothers did their part, it was cool, then one sister put her hand up, she said...

I was like, "U afraid of me? Allah help you". Hahah...

  4th day came, my partner and I were dumbfounded-ly clueless of what to do in class and I kept on praying and bam alhamdulillah, I asked em what did they wana do, they replied "GAAAAAMMMEESS!", so we asked each student to make a sentence, they go one by one but the catch is that they have to be connected and in the end it has to make one whole story, and mashAllah it went smoothly with all four classes...

  After the camp, we had a few days to visit Koh Lipe which is translated to Lipe Island and it was like a reward for all of us alhamdulillah, very kind and generous of the Thai comm...I'll let the pictures do the talking...

It was a beautiful island and we went snorkeling, swimming, played water volleyball(ehek ehem my side won)and I also encountered two snakes while snorkeling...

Ps: I learned a lot compared to teaching, I could only teach so much really, but I gained insight to how the people of the Southern part were living(majority Muslims btw), their culture, how they speak, what they eat, and I even gained weight too!! & my advice to everybody is that, be a teacher even for one day, then you'll love, cherish, respect and adore your teachers even more, and that is one of my dreams for now, after retiring, ama be a teacher inshAllah....

Till next time, and sorry I haven't updated for quite a while....Salam, love u for Allah.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doing charity.

Salam brothers and sisters, kids and parents.. the worlds. Supposedly, now, I'm suppose to study for my final examination, buuuuuut, being a teenager, u know, hee. Well, I sorta got the inspiration to write...So alhamdulillah,I get to share it with you.

Alright, I'm going to regurgitate (not literally guys, come on) what I had experienced before in a barber shop recently. Charity in a barber shop?! Yo, are u for real?, yes I am. Well, the story goes like this, after I had finished my Friday prayers yeah, I decided to cut my hair which was getting like a mop according to my mom and sister. So I went to the mall with my white robe/jubah. As soon as I got to the barber shop, I said "Bang, kasi potong ramubt bole ka?". Then he pointed to the chair that I'm suppose to seat at. This guy... was an Indian guy, he didn't smile at all, was quiet all the time, and on top of that, had a scar on his face!! N he was about to cut my hair with blades and scissors and the machine (what do u call the machine?). Gulp.

Minutes went by as he was cutting my hair, so I decided to say something u know, to keep him and me company and to be a friendly brother to him. Asked him a few questions and got answers from him, though they were like a one-word answers, but alhamdulillah he was talking.=). To keep him distracted u know, hee. He had a blade near my precious ears, scissors on my head, oh and the blade on the neck, GULP right? lol. Any how, after the process was done, I realized that my head was in one piece, alhamdulillah, and I was still breathing, hee, so I paid him his cash, and I decided to smile, and to my amazement, he smiled back, MIRACLE! Guys, its not the money, seriously, u know, u can sense the sincerity, so yeah, I had the sixth sense, lol. But it was a really good feeling. And guess what? Check this out...

The Prophet also said: "Every act of goodness is charity." - Sahih Muslim, Hadith 496

Subhanallah, may Allah accept our good deeds and make it only for Him (swt). I would love to end this with a poem of mine...

Let us enhance our lives by charity,
For it will stand in the way of calamity,
We will only live in this world only for a while,
Let us just start with a smile...=)


Friday, March 25, 2011

Real hero...Not no Superman, no Tom Cruise, no Legolas

Salam my brothers and sisters, how u doing? Anyway, I would love to share with you a story of a REAL hero, not what u see in the movies, not Alexander, not Mahatma Ghandi, not James Bond, not Arnold...whatever..., not u, not me.

 He stood by the name Khalid ibn Walid (ra). He went to war against the Prophet (saw), he was responsible for the wounding of the Prophet (saw), the ONLY man that defeated the Muslims while the Prophet (saw) was among them. & he was given the special title called, "Saifullah" (The sword of Allah).

So there was one time, (after the Prophet (saw) and Abu Bakr have passed away) 'Umar asked Khalid to go to war against the Romans or the Persians (not really sure). Umar asked him, "Ya Khalid, how many soldiers do u need?", he said, "Give me 500"...and Umar was like "Yo, are u serious? Those people they have themselves maybe 100, 000 troops!"..he said, "Ok,then give me 500 more."... Umar requested to take 10,000 troops with him (check it, even with 10, 000 yeah, its against 100,000!!), but Khalid didn't want that, he said, "Those kuffar (disbelievers), Allah have only given them a piece of this dunya (world), but Allah gave to us the promise of akhira (the hereafter), and by Allah, if I go there with only 10 believers, we'll come back with their power insha'Allah".

 That was how they felt, and look at how far we are from that state?? Subhanallah! You know how they cared about this world? They only cared and thought about the world like the water when it hits the ground from the middle of the sky in the summer time, how long does it last? (Snaps my finger) like that! Their hearts weren't attached to the world, at ALL!!

  So I pray that Allah will give that state back to those who deserve it, and may Allah bless this world that is full of deceit, lies, and hate, and corruption!!

Ps: I got this from a talk by a profound Sheikh, Khalid Yasin, an American guy. And he ended it with,"These are our heroes, and for our young people that are in the streets, we don't like u to be in the streets, we don't like what you are doing in the streets, we don't like what it does to the image of Islam but we love u, u are the sons of Islam, daughters of Islam, the future of Islam..."

Allah knows best. Salam.=)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sister,brother,the Lord is going to be there...Day in day out

In the Name of Allah (The Only Worthy of Worship), The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the 'Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists), The Most Gracious the Most Merciful,The Only Owner of the Day of Recompense, You (Alone) we worship, and You (Alone) we ask for help (for each and everything), Guide us to the Straight Way,The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not of those who earned Your Anger, nor of those who went astray.

(Al-fatihah, translation of the Quran)

Salam my brothers and sisters and buenas noche for my brothers and sisters in humanity. How are you doing? Good I hope, and smiling too.=) I started off with a chapter in the Quran which is the first chapter in the Holy Book. As we know that the world today is in a REALLY state of chaos, either riot, or protest, or tsunami in Japan, or assignments (darn those assignments and presentations)hee, and many more. Subhanallah man, ain't it scary? Yes unequivocally.

  The events that has happened or incur in our lives, every single one of them have their own hikmah or wisdoms or reasons don't you think?I strongly believe in that (amin). Is it really that bad? If there is a God in this world, then why is suffering still happening in this world? Why are there calamities, people living in destitude, people dying here and there, tyrants all over the place ruling for 30 or 42 years (oops,hee)? Well, let me ask you something, when you are in trouble yeah, don't you want to look for a solution for your problems? Indeed, definitely. & when struggle real hard, won't the phrase,"Oh God", "Allah", comes out of your mouth? Isn't that good? Remembering God? Answered your question?

  Ok, let me give you an analogy insha'Allah...can't think of any actually,hee...ok here goes... one day, the Prophet (saw) was with Aisyah, his wife, and they were at an event where there was entertainment and there were a lot of people, so Prophet Muhammad (saw) asked his wife to lean on him to watch through the crowds. After quite some time, the Prophet(saw) asked her, "Have u had enough o Aisyah?". Lady Aisyah wanted to TEST the Prophet(saw), so she said no, and she saw the Prophet (saw) shifted the weight from the left foot to the right (or the other way around) for it was not a short period of time, so he shifted weight. The sisters are going 'awww' now eyh? lol. Subhanallah, look at how beautiful his character is, he was willing to wait for his wife to say ok. And simaltaneously look at how Aisyah wanted to TEST the Prophet (saw) in his patience and love and his willingness for her.

  My brothers and sisters, do you get want I'm trying to say here? Do you think every 'suffering' in this world is bad? Isn't it beautiful coz Allah, God wants us to remember Him all the time, wow, ain't that awesome?

  I asked Allah swt to increase our willingness to change to the good for His Cause,amin, for us to control our emotions instead of them controlling us,amin, and to grant our brothers and sisters who facing tribualtions in the world peace and tranquility in their hearts, amin, for the world to be a better place to live in,amin, for us to be on His side all the time, amin. Jazakumullah khairan people. Till next time insha'Allah.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"You may take their lives, but u will never kill the hope.."

Salam, hey brothers and sisters, its all going to be alright, the Lord is gona be there...That was a song actually, Outlandish...Anyway, what I wana share today God Willing is that a poem of mine, entitled "Out of Cage", and this goes to all my mortal friends out there who are fighting to live another day.
  Our brothers and sisters out there somewhere in the world are fighting EVERYDAY man, they wana oppose tyrants, bring justice, and live in equality, but all of that are in vain coz of a leader and their own selves as well. U know, if we are 'satanic' in secret, sooner or later, people will find out what we are doing (may Allah protect us from that), no matter whether your a leader or not. And u know, people are starving out there, they live on 20 dollars per month, and some 2 dollars per day, WOW! They have no jobs despite their PhD or Degree, u look left and right, men grope women, they rape em too, subhanallah, and what are the so called educated leaders are doing? Tsk tsk tsk...
   Anyway, when u point one finger, u got four back at you (or is it three?whatever,its more than one), it is EVERYBODY'S fault!! Do u believe it? Figure it out using your beautiful brain, and insha'Allah you'll get it.
  So here it is, the poem, enjoy and benefit:

Out of the cage.

When more than a thousand people stand and shout,
“Come down”, that is democracy without a doubt,
After 10, 20, 30 years being a tyrant on top,
The people has finally amalgamated and decided to put a stop,
They have decided to ask the leaders go,
From Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Jordan, Bahrain, up to Morocco.

With their stomachs growling,
Their hearts are bleeding, the women are screaming,
Preventing knowledge and prosperity to reach them with ease,
Oh leaders how can you sleep in peace?

O leaders don’t you say you’ll die in your land,
Your soul is not for you to take away, it is in Allah’s Hand,
The people have gathered, listen to your people, facing oppression,
With all the pain you’re going through, o my brothers, truth will clear your vision.
The leaders don’t know anything but confusion.

If the leaders won’t allow your rights,
Have truth in your heart, unity in your mind, and go out to fight,
If you open your eyes and hear the greetings of, “Assalamu’alaikum”,
I pray for you that it will be your home,
As for all the tyrants, just wait for us, you shall fall,
I pray that Allah will bring peace to all.

Well, it is not done yet actually, but here u go,hee, peace out, till next time, salam, peace between us brothers and sisters.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Showing gratitude,saying thank you,man ain't easy!

Salam to all my brothers and sisters out there, how u guys doing? La fia, bi khair? Ah thats great. Alright, just a short info sharing with everybody...
  I was eating and reading at my usual spot Mamma Mia yeah, then after I'm done, alhamdulillah, I was reading and listening to music (come on now, I'm still gaining knowledge whether its permissible). So as I was reading yeah, this mak cik  came to pick up my plate and can, and she said "Thank you". Then it struck me straight away, I was like "Ouch", coz normally, alhamdulillah and insha'Allah I would always say thanks to people as I was brought up like that, but you know, I'm a man, and men forget things, scratch that, humans forget things. So yeah, and there is also a hadith  that goes "Man la yashkurunnas la yashkurullah which mean "Who doesn't give thanks to humans, doesn't give thanks to Allah(The Only Worthy of Worship)". So yeah, two lessons today, we need each other to remind ourselves, and always give thanks to people even if its a small thing (like the mak cik tadi,hee,sorry mak cik). I would like to end it with a two line poem:

Let us change our attitude,
And start showing our gratitude.

Salam, peace out brthers and sisters.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Colors... Diversity

  Salam, hey, or as the Americans puts it, wed up peeps! Hee, anyway, I would love to share with you an experience of mine, that happened on last Saturday night, it was too sick, alhamdulillah. I was suppose to attend Sheikh Bilal Philip's talk that night but I decided to give my ticket to one of my friends, coz I had to attend a rehearsal for an English students gathering, for I was invited by my friend to recite one of my poems, so yeah.
  Before I attended the rehearsal yeah, I was just outside of the hall where Sheikh Bilal Philips was going to give his talk, then I met this one brother whom I met two weeks earlier and after greeted and stuff, he said, "Man, I love the diversity here", I said "Yeah man", hee. (We were in International Islamic University of Malaysia, that was why) So after that I attended the rehearsal and alhamdulillah it went really well.... Then it was time to go back, deb deb deb deb.
  So I walked to the bus station yeah, and waited for a while. Moments later, an African guy (Nigerian) came and waited along wimme (you know, I gota be cognizant). It wasn't long till we greeted each other with salam then we started talking about our origins, what were we studying and all. It was really amazing to see how Africans talk (think I can generalize by now,hee) coz they are really emphatic, expressive and lively, so it was great brother. Then came two Bangladesh brothers and waited with us as well. They were doing their own thing then not long after.... deb deb, deb there weren't any gun shootings and stuff, apa la?....A car stopped and asked where were we heading, so we each said where we intended to go, and he called us in, and I think he was an Arab. Here is the incident that made me laugh, after we got in the car yeah, there was still one Bangladesh brother outside (abashed I guess), then the Arab guy (Bakir) shouted "Come!", hahah, still made me laugh thinking about it. So we opened up a conversation and started to know each other till we got off, all I can say is subhanAllah coz it was really something u know. Natural bond. I praise Allah for allowing me to live in peace with other races.(For now).
   The lesson, well, here it is...rivers lakes and streams, they all have different names but they all contain water, same goes to human beings, Asians, Africans, Americans, we are all made from water and the only different between us is our piety towards our Creator Allah swt. Hee, I pray that Allah make our hearts stick with each other, and never disunite. Amin. Allah knows best, peace out brothers and sisters.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Memorable Night

  Salam my brothers and sisters out there, how are u guys doing? Still busy with works, assignments and going to class ey? Take 5 minutes of ur time and ponder for a while please, do u think with the society ur living in now will bring moral prosperity in the future? Or even financial prosperity?
  Lemme share something insha'Allah, you know, it is REALLY scary to think about it, about how the society now doesn't even care between sins or not, between good or bad, and the worse is,they just accept it, now thats not very healthy ain't it?
  They just accept that abortion is ok now! Or raping is like, "Oh raping again", bribe is like NOTHING! Mi Dios! (Sorry, my Spanish side came out, lol) Oh I wonder whats in store for our kids in the future man seriously.
  Alright,now I wana offer my poem for everyone to read, and I'm not saying that this is the solution, but insha'Allah it will evoke our thinking, so here u go....

Holding on to his son’s hand,
There walks a father, a handsome old man,
The day wasn’t going to stay bright,
Just minutes away, not far away, probably 2 kilometers away from night,
This 55 year old man, with his 20 year old son, hand in hand, a walk in the park
As the day walks out fast, leaving room for Mr. Dark.

“What is wrong my father? You have never been like this,
Eyes with tears, clinching my hands tightly, nay never like this.”
Mr. Handsome old man turned and hugged,
On the forehead, he gave the little man a kiss.

“My time is almost up; I’m getting closer to the grave,
 But it is not that I’m worried about, but you, society, how to save,
The music, the parties, your friends, the media, so many ways to get influenced,
The world is educating you to be selfish, to be a man of affluence.

Build a strong, peaceful and harmonious society,
Before there comes a calamity,
From Him, the All-Wise, The-Almighty,
Start with the foundation of the society, start with your family.

After The Only Worthy of Worship (Allah), and Rasulullah (saw), give it all to your mother,
Say not, and even think not a word of disrespect,
Your mother, your mother, your mother, and then me your father,
Paradise is under her feet, so love her in every aspect.

I love you son,
That is what a father should utter to every son,
Tell him,
Before the light of your eyes go dim.

Guard your beautiful sister, and be close to your hermano,
Your sister is a like a golden palace, no one should enter before the time, before it is time to sell,
If your brother is down, make him smile, give him a show,
Be close to each other, tell that you love them, cover the mistakes, and show the people we’re doing well.

Remember when you were small,
With our lives, we really took care of you, and it’ll draw smiles on us if you smile,
You were dependant on us, we love you, and now that you’re strong and tall,
I advise you to do the same to your grandparents, it is only for a while,
See, you were born weak, and then strong, and back to weak, so now you’re at ‘strong’,
So visit them, make them happy, they’re not going to live for long.

You’re on the road to marriage,
Find a wife with a good heart and full of obedience,
You’re the rod when you go fishing with her, make sure she holds tightly to the rod,
The fishes won’t go easy on you guys, make sure she stays close to God,
Kiss her every morning, and tell her that you adore her,
Sometimes the mouth might smell, but don’t bother,
Ask her to cover everything when she goes out, exposing only her eyes,
This ain’t a joke, her beauty should only be for you, because her beauty will hypnotize.

I think that would do,
That is what I intended to tell you,
My son, give me a kiss, I love you,
One last thing I need you to do for me,
Sonriso para mi. (Smile for me)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

One thing NO HUMAN can escape...not even Walt Disney

Salam, hee, alhamdulillah I get to live again today to write and walk and do all the normal activities that human beings do. Alright, today, I would LOVE to touch on something that every human being will face whether it is sooner or later. Any clue? I'll give u a hint, white cloth, wrapped, 6 feet under....No idea?tsk tsk tsk,lemme tell ya, it is (deb deb, deb deb) DEATH!!

Truly, think about it, why are we gaining money, love our brothers, go to classes, beautify ourselves with dumb stuff, and all of that when the reality is that we all will die one day? You have any doubt on that? If you do then you must be from any Disney character. Now now do not get me wrong, I'm not saying you can't do all those things you're doing, it is part of life.But that is not the point. U know, are we REALLY focusing on the right things? Here is a million dollar question...

If you were to die tonight, what would you bring?

Come on brothers and sisters, the things u live for, is it really worth bringing to the grave? You know who is the most intelligent of us? It is he who thinks about death all the time, ain't it true? Death is so near to us, it might be at ur door step as we speak, and don't act like ur surprised if ur next, coz u see in the news and ur cousins or sisters or brothers die, did they know that they're gona die? Weren't some of them young when they die? So can't it happen to you anytime? Of course yes...So do not say "Why? Oh why? Life isn't fair!" and yang sewaktu dengannya. So I'm asking everybody including me (wait,me first), to ponder on this, WHAT ARE WE LEAVING FOR?

Alright,you know what, I'm going to share a poem with u like always, hee, hope u read this and opens up ur mind yeah,yeah? Insha'Allah:


One thing is certain in this life,
In this world, which till bedtime you strive,
The one thing there isn't a cure,
It will come to every soul despite them being so pure.

To him we are heading to,
To meet our end, yes it is true,
Then you will know what is the true meaning of Mercy and Wrath,
He is coming, he is near, death.

A mercy to the worlds who knows no hate,
To mankind he once said,
When you're in the morning,
Do not expect to see the evening.

What will you bring, when it is time?
All your girls, cars, and dimes?
Or the charity, and the good deeds that u gave?
What then will u bring down to your grave?

I shall end this with a translation of the Quran:
Chapter 16:96="Whatever is with you, will be exhausted, and whatever is with Allah (of good deeds) will remain. And those who are patient, We will certainly pay them a reward in proportion to the best of  what they used to do"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lil Prayer

SALAM!! Hee, mind me,I just love big,and colors,so play around a bit with them...Como esta?Kaif halak?Khana la fia?Bien,khair,la fia,alhamdulillah i hope...Anyway,today I just would love to share with you a poem/prayer that we can all recite insha'Allah, I wrote this one time when I was really down, and alhamdulillah, BAM!! I got the inspiration to write it.

Since we're on prayers yeah, you know our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said that we should pray for our brothers and sisters. You know what is so beautiful about that?It is the fact that when you pray for ur brothers yeah, the Angels will say amin to them as well as you, so it means the prayers go to us as well. MASHA'ALLAH right? Ain't it pretty?! So I pray that all of my brothers and sisters out there will have patience in facing everything, and they love each other for the sake of Allah, they will succeed in life, and be good people. hear the Angels saying amin? U say 'yes' u lying, gotcha,hahah.

Alright, so here is the poem, hope u enjoy and benefit from it insha'Allah, salam lil men and women.

O Allah…

O Allah, the Most Gracious,
The Everlasting,
Remembering Your Name is so precious,
It is You that I should never stop loving.

O Allah, send Your Blessings and Peace upon the mercy of the worlds,
Whom You sent to save us from the Fire,
Whom You sent to elevate the girls,
And who taught us not to follow our vain desire.

O Allah Al-Ghafur, wipe out my sins,
At times I tend to forget Your Reminder,
No matter what situation I’m in,
I need You to guide me to the better.

Al-Muhyi (The Giver of Life), give me strength to face evil,
For my sins have exceeded my good deeds,
Without Al-Wadud (The Lover), I can’t face the Devil,
Al-Maani’ (The Preventer), without a doubt it is You that I need.

O Allah, empty my heart for it is full of negative and pride,
And fill it with humbleness and awe,
Make me feel Your Love with my sight,
To strengthened the reason my reason to live for.

Al-Karim (The Generous One), I’m not eligible for Your Heaven,
But I’m too frightened of Your Hell,
Allah bless this body that you have given,
And pardon me if into sins I fell.

Ar-Razzaq (The Provider), provide for me wealth,
Not in money but knowledge,
And let me remember You in whatever condition is my health,
Save me from doubt, before I jump off the edge.

O Allah let me love people as to myself,
As I ardently dislike segregation,
Pour Your Mercy in my cup,
And together, to You we can show our appreciation.

Al-Ghaffar, forgive the sins of my mother and father,
My sister and brothers, the young and the old,
Sometimes it is they that I burden and bother,
Without Your Will, and their help, I wouldn’t have been mold.

O Allah, absolve my companions and their families,
And strengthen our bond,
And never let them cease,
From loving each other, give us hope, just as You let the sun rise after nightfall, during dawn.