Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doing charity.

Salam brothers and sisters, kids and parents.. the worlds. Supposedly, now, I'm suppose to study for my final examination, buuuuuut, being a teenager, u know, hee. Well, I sorta got the inspiration to write...So alhamdulillah,I get to share it with you.

Alright, I'm going to regurgitate (not literally guys, come on) what I had experienced before in a barber shop recently. Charity in a barber shop?! Yo, are u for real?, yes I am. Well, the story goes like this, after I had finished my Friday prayers yeah, I decided to cut my hair which was getting like a mop according to my mom and sister. So I went to the mall with my white robe/jubah. As soon as I got to the barber shop, I said "Bang, kasi potong ramubt bole ka?". Then he pointed to the chair that I'm suppose to seat at. This guy... was an Indian guy, he didn't smile at all, was quiet all the time, and on top of that, had a scar on his face!! N he was about to cut my hair with blades and scissors and the machine (what do u call the machine?). Gulp.

Minutes went by as he was cutting my hair, so I decided to say something u know, to keep him and me company and to be a friendly brother to him. Asked him a few questions and got answers from him, though they were like a one-word answers, but alhamdulillah he was talking.=). To keep him distracted u know, hee. He had a blade near my precious ears, scissors on my head, oh and the blade on the neck, GULP right? lol. Any how, after the process was done, I realized that my head was in one piece, alhamdulillah, and I was still breathing, hee, so I paid him his cash, and I decided to smile, and to my amazement, he smiled back, MIRACLE! Guys, its not the money, seriously, u know, u can sense the sincerity, so yeah, I had the sixth sense, lol. But it was a really good feeling. And guess what? Check this out...

The Prophet also said: "Every act of goodness is charity." - Sahih Muslim, Hadith 496

Subhanallah, may Allah accept our good deeds and make it only for Him (swt). I would love to end this with a poem of mine...

Let us enhance our lives by charity,
For it will stand in the way of calamity,
We will only live in this world only for a while,
Let us just start with a smile...=)



  1. And whatever you spend in good, surely, Allah knows it well.(2:273)

  2. Masha'Allah, thank u so much sister Nusaibah