Friday, March 25, 2011

Real hero...Not no Superman, no Tom Cruise, no Legolas

Salam my brothers and sisters, how u doing? Anyway, I would love to share with you a story of a REAL hero, not what u see in the movies, not Alexander, not Mahatma Ghandi, not James Bond, not Arnold...whatever..., not u, not me.

 He stood by the name Khalid ibn Walid (ra). He went to war against the Prophet (saw), he was responsible for the wounding of the Prophet (saw), the ONLY man that defeated the Muslims while the Prophet (saw) was among them. & he was given the special title called, "Saifullah" (The sword of Allah).

So there was one time, (after the Prophet (saw) and Abu Bakr have passed away) 'Umar asked Khalid to go to war against the Romans or the Persians (not really sure). Umar asked him, "Ya Khalid, how many soldiers do u need?", he said, "Give me 500"...and Umar was like "Yo, are u serious? Those people they have themselves maybe 100, 000 troops!"..he said, "Ok,then give me 500 more."... Umar requested to take 10,000 troops with him (check it, even with 10, 000 yeah, its against 100,000!!), but Khalid didn't want that, he said, "Those kuffar (disbelievers), Allah have only given them a piece of this dunya (world), but Allah gave to us the promise of akhira (the hereafter), and by Allah, if I go there with only 10 believers, we'll come back with their power insha'Allah".

 That was how they felt, and look at how far we are from that state?? Subhanallah! You know how they cared about this world? They only cared and thought about the world like the water when it hits the ground from the middle of the sky in the summer time, how long does it last? (Snaps my finger) like that! Their hearts weren't attached to the world, at ALL!!

  So I pray that Allah will give that state back to those who deserve it, and may Allah bless this world that is full of deceit, lies, and hate, and corruption!!

Ps: I got this from a talk by a profound Sheikh, Khalid Yasin, an American guy. And he ended it with,"These are our heroes, and for our young people that are in the streets, we don't like u to be in the streets, we don't like what you are doing in the streets, we don't like what it does to the image of Islam but we love u, u are the sons of Islam, daughters of Islam, the future of Islam..."

Allah knows best. Salam.=)

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