Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"You may take their lives, but u will never kill the hope.."

Salam, hey brothers and sisters, its all going to be alright, the Lord is gona be there...That was a song actually, Outlandish...Anyway, what I wana share today God Willing is that a poem of mine, entitled "Out of Cage", and this goes to all my mortal friends out there who are fighting to live another day.
  Our brothers and sisters out there somewhere in the world are fighting EVERYDAY man, they wana oppose tyrants, bring justice, and live in equality, but all of that are in vain coz of a leader and their own selves as well. U know, if we are 'satanic' in secret, sooner or later, people will find out what we are doing (may Allah protect us from that), no matter whether your a leader or not. And u know, people are starving out there, they live on 20 dollars per month, and some 2 dollars per day, WOW! They have no jobs despite their PhD or Degree, u look left and right, men grope women, they rape em too, subhanallah, and what are the so called educated leaders are doing? Tsk tsk tsk...
   Anyway, when u point one finger, u got four back at you (or is it three?whatever,its more than one), it is EVERYBODY'S fault!! Do u believe it? Figure it out using your beautiful brain, and insha'Allah you'll get it.
  So here it is, the poem, enjoy and benefit:

Out of the cage.

When more than a thousand people stand and shout,
“Come down”, that is democracy without a doubt,
After 10, 20, 30 years being a tyrant on top,
The people has finally amalgamated and decided to put a stop,
They have decided to ask the leaders go,
From Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Jordan, Bahrain, up to Morocco.

With their stomachs growling,
Their hearts are bleeding, the women are screaming,
Preventing knowledge and prosperity to reach them with ease,
Oh leaders how can you sleep in peace?

O leaders don’t you say you’ll die in your land,
Your soul is not for you to take away, it is in Allah’s Hand,
The people have gathered, listen to your people, facing oppression,
With all the pain you’re going through, o my brothers, truth will clear your vision.
The leaders don’t know anything but confusion.

If the leaders won’t allow your rights,
Have truth in your heart, unity in your mind, and go out to fight,
If you open your eyes and hear the greetings of, “Assalamu’alaikum”,
I pray for you that it will be your home,
As for all the tyrants, just wait for us, you shall fall,
I pray that Allah will bring peace to all.

Well, it is not done yet actually, but here u go,hee, peace out, till next time, salam, peace between us brothers and sisters.

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