Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Showing gratitude,saying thank you,man ain't easy!

Salam to all my brothers and sisters out there, how u guys doing? La fia, bi khair? Ah thats great. Alright, just a short info sharing with everybody...
  I was eating and reading at my usual spot Mamma Mia yeah, then after I'm done, alhamdulillah, I was reading and listening to music (come on now, I'm still gaining knowledge whether its permissible). So as I was reading yeah, this mak cik  came to pick up my plate and can, and she said "Thank you". Then it struck me straight away, I was like "Ouch", coz normally, alhamdulillah and insha'Allah I would always say thanks to people as I was brought up like that, but you know, I'm a man, and men forget things, scratch that, humans forget things. So yeah, and there is also a hadith  that goes "Man la yashkurunnas la yashkurullah which mean "Who doesn't give thanks to humans, doesn't give thanks to Allah(The Only Worthy of Worship)". So yeah, two lessons today, we need each other to remind ourselves, and always give thanks to people even if its a small thing (like the mak cik tadi,hee,sorry mak cik). I would like to end it with a two line poem:

Let us change our attitude,
And start showing our gratitude.

Salam, peace out brthers and sisters.

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  1. salam..

    came upon the post..simple words. jazakallah.