Sunday, February 20, 2011

Colors... Diversity

  Salam, hey, or as the Americans puts it, wed up peeps! Hee, anyway, I would love to share with you an experience of mine, that happened on last Saturday night, it was too sick, alhamdulillah. I was suppose to attend Sheikh Bilal Philip's talk that night but I decided to give my ticket to one of my friends, coz I had to attend a rehearsal for an English students gathering, for I was invited by my friend to recite one of my poems, so yeah.
  Before I attended the rehearsal yeah, I was just outside of the hall where Sheikh Bilal Philips was going to give his talk, then I met this one brother whom I met two weeks earlier and after greeted and stuff, he said, "Man, I love the diversity here", I said "Yeah man", hee. (We were in International Islamic University of Malaysia, that was why) So after that I attended the rehearsal and alhamdulillah it went really well.... Then it was time to go back, deb deb deb deb.
  So I walked to the bus station yeah, and waited for a while. Moments later, an African guy (Nigerian) came and waited along wimme (you know, I gota be cognizant). It wasn't long till we greeted each other with salam then we started talking about our origins, what were we studying and all. It was really amazing to see how Africans talk (think I can generalize by now,hee) coz they are really emphatic, expressive and lively, so it was great brother. Then came two Bangladesh brothers and waited with us as well. They were doing their own thing then not long after.... deb deb, deb there weren't any gun shootings and stuff, apa la?....A car stopped and asked where were we heading, so we each said where we intended to go, and he called us in, and I think he was an Arab. Here is the incident that made me laugh, after we got in the car yeah, there was still one Bangladesh brother outside (abashed I guess), then the Arab guy (Bakir) shouted "Come!", hahah, still made me laugh thinking about it. So we opened up a conversation and started to know each other till we got off, all I can say is subhanAllah coz it was really something u know. Natural bond. I praise Allah for allowing me to live in peace with other races.(For now).
   The lesson, well, here it is...rivers lakes and streams, they all have different names but they all contain water, same goes to human beings, Asians, Africans, Americans, we are all made from water and the only different between us is our piety towards our Creator Allah swt. Hee, I pray that Allah make our hearts stick with each other, and never disunite. Amin. Allah knows best, peace out brothers and sisters.

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