Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Memorable Night

  Salam my brothers and sisters out there, how are u guys doing? Still busy with works, assignments and going to class ey? Take 5 minutes of ur time and ponder for a while please, do u think with the society ur living in now will bring moral prosperity in the future? Or even financial prosperity?
  Lemme share something insha'Allah, you know, it is REALLY scary to think about it, about how the society now doesn't even care between sins or not, between good or bad, and the worse is,they just accept it, now thats not very healthy ain't it?
  They just accept that abortion is ok now! Or raping is like, "Oh raping again", bribe is like NOTHING! Mi Dios! (Sorry, my Spanish side came out, lol) Oh I wonder whats in store for our kids in the future man seriously.
  Alright,now I wana offer my poem for everyone to read, and I'm not saying that this is the solution, but insha'Allah it will evoke our thinking, so here u go....

Holding on to his son’s hand,
There walks a father, a handsome old man,
The day wasn’t going to stay bright,
Just minutes away, not far away, probably 2 kilometers away from night,
This 55 year old man, with his 20 year old son, hand in hand, a walk in the park
As the day walks out fast, leaving room for Mr. Dark.

“What is wrong my father? You have never been like this,
Eyes with tears, clinching my hands tightly, nay never like this.”
Mr. Handsome old man turned and hugged,
On the forehead, he gave the little man a kiss.

“My time is almost up; I’m getting closer to the grave,
 But it is not that I’m worried about, but you, society, how to save,
The music, the parties, your friends, the media, so many ways to get influenced,
The world is educating you to be selfish, to be a man of affluence.

Build a strong, peaceful and harmonious society,
Before there comes a calamity,
From Him, the All-Wise, The-Almighty,
Start with the foundation of the society, start with your family.

After The Only Worthy of Worship (Allah), and Rasulullah (saw), give it all to your mother,
Say not, and even think not a word of disrespect,
Your mother, your mother, your mother, and then me your father,
Paradise is under her feet, so love her in every aspect.

I love you son,
That is what a father should utter to every son,
Tell him,
Before the light of your eyes go dim.

Guard your beautiful sister, and be close to your hermano,
Your sister is a like a golden palace, no one should enter before the time, before it is time to sell,
If your brother is down, make him smile, give him a show,
Be close to each other, tell that you love them, cover the mistakes, and show the people we’re doing well.

Remember when you were small,
With our lives, we really took care of you, and it’ll draw smiles on us if you smile,
You were dependant on us, we love you, and now that you’re strong and tall,
I advise you to do the same to your grandparents, it is only for a while,
See, you were born weak, and then strong, and back to weak, so now you’re at ‘strong’,
So visit them, make them happy, they’re not going to live for long.

You’re on the road to marriage,
Find a wife with a good heart and full of obedience,
You’re the rod when you go fishing with her, make sure she holds tightly to the rod,
The fishes won’t go easy on you guys, make sure she stays close to God,
Kiss her every morning, and tell her that you adore her,
Sometimes the mouth might smell, but don’t bother,
Ask her to cover everything when she goes out, exposing only her eyes,
This ain’t a joke, her beauty should only be for you, because her beauty will hypnotize.

I think that would do,
That is what I intended to tell you,
My son, give me a kiss, I love you,
One last thing I need you to do for me,
Sonriso para mi. (Smile for me)

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