Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lil Prayer

SALAM!! Hee, mind me,I just love big,and colors,so play around a bit with them...Como esta?Kaif halak?Khana la fia?Bien,khair,la fia,alhamdulillah i hope...Anyway,today I just would love to share with you a poem/prayer that we can all recite insha'Allah, I wrote this one time when I was really down, and alhamdulillah, BAM!! I got the inspiration to write it.

Since we're on prayers yeah, you know our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said that we should pray for our brothers and sisters. You know what is so beautiful about that?It is the fact that when you pray for ur brothers yeah, the Angels will say amin to them as well as you, so it means the prayers go to us as well. MASHA'ALLAH right? Ain't it pretty?! So I pray that all of my brothers and sisters out there will have patience in facing everything, and they love each other for the sake of Allah, they will succeed in life, and be good people. hear the Angels saying amin? U say 'yes' u lying, gotcha,hahah.

Alright, so here is the poem, hope u enjoy and benefit from it insha'Allah, salam lil men and women.

O Allah…

O Allah, the Most Gracious,
The Everlasting,
Remembering Your Name is so precious,
It is You that I should never stop loving.

O Allah, send Your Blessings and Peace upon the mercy of the worlds,
Whom You sent to save us from the Fire,
Whom You sent to elevate the girls,
And who taught us not to follow our vain desire.

O Allah Al-Ghafur, wipe out my sins,
At times I tend to forget Your Reminder,
No matter what situation I’m in,
I need You to guide me to the better.

Al-Muhyi (The Giver of Life), give me strength to face evil,
For my sins have exceeded my good deeds,
Without Al-Wadud (The Lover), I can’t face the Devil,
Al-Maani’ (The Preventer), without a doubt it is You that I need.

O Allah, empty my heart for it is full of negative and pride,
And fill it with humbleness and awe,
Make me feel Your Love with my sight,
To strengthened the reason my reason to live for.

Al-Karim (The Generous One), I’m not eligible for Your Heaven,
But I’m too frightened of Your Hell,
Allah bless this body that you have given,
And pardon me if into sins I fell.

Ar-Razzaq (The Provider), provide for me wealth,
Not in money but knowledge,
And let me remember You in whatever condition is my health,
Save me from doubt, before I jump off the edge.

O Allah let me love people as to myself,
As I ardently dislike segregation,
Pour Your Mercy in my cup,
And together, to You we can show our appreciation.

Al-Ghaffar, forgive the sins of my mother and father,
My sister and brothers, the young and the old,
Sometimes it is they that I burden and bother,
Without Your Will, and their help, I wouldn’t have been mold.

O Allah, absolve my companions and their families,
And strengthen our bond,
And never let them cease,
From loving each other, give us hope, just as You let the sun rise after nightfall, during dawn.

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