Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Make a speech when you're mad and that is the best speech you'll ever regret"

Salam my brothers and sisters, hows life? All right, skip it, have u ever in your life felt like your head is burning hot red, you can't think of any good thing to do, fist tight closed together, feel like demolishing those walls in front of u trana show that you're the Hulk, pick fights with everybody you meet, or in other words, ANGRY???

WOW, anger is a powerful emotion ain't it? It is natural too, I experienced 'em myself as well(and I use to think its cool) recently. Something happened, something that I read, experienced, made me suddenly like "WAM!", yo what is happening? You know those kind of things. BUT, I praise Allah that every time I am mad, I will always be alone, so that the only thing that will get hurt is the air (u know, punching, hahah). Also how many times we hear that "If we don't control something something then that thing will control us"... how true is that?

Anger is something that should be control with patience isn't it? Allahu musta'an. It is not easy to think straight when we are mad ain't it? Try it try it try it, hee... Anger is not something that is good or bad per se because u see, if somebody stole our things or rob an auntie/mak cik in front of us, and we are mad, is that good or not? But if somebody gets mad because u forgot to buy something for example, that is a bit silly ain't it? So anger is something that is natural and it needs to be control.

Put in mind that this reminder goes to me first before to anybody else, truly.

Now, have u ever heard of "The power is in your hands"? To a certain extent, this statement is accepted. It is about physiology, see, try this out, when you are mad yeah, you frown until your muscles can't frown no more, clenched fist, breathing a split second, try smiling RIGHT THERE AT THE MOMENT, and put your eye brows straight up, can u be mad like that? I don't think so, if u still can, then you must be from America, coz all the great things are there on Hollywood, aliens, etc etc hahah. What did the Prophet (saw) said when u are mad, "Don't get mad (3x)" didn't he? Didn't he also say if you're mad while standing, sit down, and if you are mad while sitting down, lie down...What does that tell u? Physiology isn't it?

One more thing we can do if we are mad or upset is my all time favorite, that is to.....

NO, not to box, but make du'a or pray to God/Allah to ease our hearts when we are angry. Now we all know that Allah is not like a human being, He can Hear everything, so He will inshAllah ta'ala respond to our call...why not give it shot?

Thats it for now, there is a lot more to share regarding anger. Any mistakes, I'm sorry they're from me, the good, from Allah, salam till next time.

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