Thursday, December 2, 2010

Obligated Treausre


Obligated treasure,
What an elated feeling,
To have seen an obligated treasure,
Make the hearts faster in beating,
What would you do with them?
Aren't you going to keep them where nobody can find them?
Or reveal them to fools?
You don't have to be that generous,
And give them ideas with their tools,
Because their lust is indelibly ferocious,
What happens if they're exposed freely?
And everyone can see,
Wouldn't they love to touch, fantasize,smell and kiss them?
They won't be as special,
Treasure should be preserved and kept in a secure place,
Revealing them only to special and selected people,
Thus not sharing with everybody is the greatest option,
You say men, in the mind, are sick,
Letting them feel your diamonds is even more diabolic,
Women, you are this obligated treasure.

Salam dear beloved readers, como estas? tu mama y papa y hermana y hermoso? (How are you?Ur father,mother,sister,brother?) Hope everyone is good alhamdulillah. If you are feeling down, then, look at the beautiful body u have,and be happy about that.

  Alright boys and girls (hee), today Insha'Allah I had the opportunity to share my "nothing much,really" poem with beloved readers(if i have any). Since before I've always wanted to write on women, and alhamdulillah on the 4th of May 2010, I get to finish it. There I was somewhere in Malaysia, taking a walk, then I was observing my environment yeah, and you know what went through my mind, "Man,are we in trouble?"...You know, there is a saying that goes, "To judge a quality of a nation,look at the youth".Masha'Allah, u know what i witnessed?  I witness women all not dressing up properly, exposing here n there (am not saying they're naked,I'm the one that will be in trouble if that happens,hee), but u know,dressing like how the society dresses you. And men and women are mixing freely, touching here n there, kissing as a form of 'greeting'. Women getting drunk, not being able to control themselves,CRAZY MAN!!Imagine being lead by leaders who love to party at night,getting drunk,who practices "flower power"(sick act btw),imagine what kind of nation will that turn out to be??Realize it or not, IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK.

  You know,alhamdulillah, in Islam, the way to govern our life is already there for us to follow, and it is a beautiful one as well. Now,put in mind that I'm talking on women here, doesn't mean that men don't have to contribute,is that clear?Nod u head once if its clear,=). 

  I think it is pretty clear in the poem, depicting what I believe in and what I feel about women. You know,I strongly believe that in order to improve the problems (social) we have nowadays,concerning women, is for them to cover up properly, from head to toe. Imagine this situation please:

In an environment, women are covered from head to toe correctly,not exposing their beautiful ornaments, and everytime they see a man coming they quickly lower their gaze, and vice versa, men they do the same thing (except the covering part of course,hee), lower their gaze everytime they see a woman that is not part of the family.And certainly, they don't touch each other.

 Now,do u think that this situation, in that kinda environment, they will have "flower power" problems?Or abortion?Raping?Ok,let us be realistic, maybe there will be,but one or two,I can gurantee that it won't such a big problem,n there won't be homeless babies. Guess what,guess what, that is what Islam teaches us. To cover up, and be at our best. Subhanallah. Women, o lovely women, trust me, u don't have to expose yourself to attract men...Well,you will attract men, but all I'm saying is "all the best to you" for your relationship with him,hee....Just wait and be patient,your future husband will come to you insha'Allah, u don't,CERTAINLY DONT NEED A BF, but a husband is a need, so wait yeah?I see some nodding heads,very good.

  Alright I know I know,you might refute saying "What is wrong,once in a while we go out and have fun?Men respek I la,kawan2 I semua baik,serious!" Tell me something,I know you're wise, u do know that there are cases where women being raped by their "boyfriend for life" along with his friends some more wooo,jangan main2 you!! I can give more stories,but i think that is enough to prove that it is dangerous to go out freely with anybody. I think I'll impede here before I go any further and babble,hee,sorry and thanks for your time reading it,I love u for the sake of Allah,may Allah make it come true...amin.

Ps:Do not follow me on this example, for I am still struggling myself, I'm not the guy to follow on this one,I had my bad moments, but guess what?THAT WAS THE PAST,lets look forward,leave the past,he can't do anything about it...hee....

Salam,peace out my lovely brothers and sisters.=) Move before the light goes dim.



  1. *muhasabah*
    keep on writing and reminding.
    supaya diri ini tidak sll lupa.

  2. Insha'Allah,keep on encouraging me,at times I'm lazy,this took me months just to make a blog,jazakallah khair,may Allah increase you both in good deeds...=)

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