Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lovely Parents..< 3

Assalamua'laikum, simple greeting and a prayer I wish to you,which means "peace be upon you", I give to everybody that is reading this worthless piece of mine(coz im not sure people are reading this,hee).How are u handsome fella and beautiful sister?Hope ur smiling while answering that.Lemme help you,=)...Now that is better aint it?Hee,masha'Allah,very good,or or if u still can't smile,do this:

1)Look in the mirror
2)Make a piggy nose
3)Make the 'oink oink' sound

Saya nak tanya satu soalan yang sangat penting,HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE TREATED BY YOUR FUTURE SONS AND DAUGHTERS (INSHA'ALLAH)??Do u really want them to just send money at the end of the month,get out of the house by 18 to live his or her own life,without thinking back of what their parents have done for them??Or what about cursing at you,fighting u with sharp and painful words?That is even worse.Or disobeying their parents, going out whenever they want,drinking alcohol,taking drugs,sleeping with women,checking them out who is sexy who is flexy, or what about sending their parents to old folks home?...Now that is not a really obedient and a righteous son aint it?

OR,would you like to be treated like a KING and a QUEEN,like no other will treat u better than him or her sons and daughters??Wouldn't you like to be hugged, and kissed, and being told that somebody loves you?Masha'Allah,u would lie if u say u don't.Lemme tell you something brothers and sisters, HOW YOU TREAT YOUR PARENTS,WILL DETERMINE WHAT YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE LIKE TOWARDS YOU!!And guess what,guess what(like this one Sheikh use to say it,hee,sorry Sheikh),ISLAM has taught us to be thankful to our parents,to be kinder and more respectful towards his parents than any other person in the world..Listen to this translation of the Qur'an:

"Serve Allah,and join not any partners with Him: and do good- to parents..(4:36)

Masha'Allah,right after Allah,isn't that BIG??There are other verses that states we should be good to them,one i think will be enough.You know,we are even encouraged to pray,obligated in fact,to say:

"My Lord,Bestow on them Your Mercy even as they cherished me in childhood"(17:24)

Can I share with you something?(NOD YOUR HEAD,hee),you know,our mothers carried us for 9 months,it gets heavier day by day,she struggles to walk,to sit,to sleep,and sometimes she can fall,u know how painful that is?Well,for a fact,I dunno coz I'm a man,hee,plus I'm not at parental stage yet...Then she delivers you,sometimes it could be hours of delivering you coz u might get stuck u know what am saying?Hahah,IT IS PAINFUL..Then she takes care of u growing up,waking up in the middle of the night,just to see u alright and feed u,and comfort you with stories when u cry...And sometimes,she takes care of a kid till he is MASSIVE,30 years of age....Did u realize something?I'm telling you now what my mother told me:

"Being a mother is the toughest job,coz u work all the time,u don't get paid for that"

But do not worry,Heaven is waiting,which is better than some cash...And did u realize something again???That was just ONE of you,imagine 5 or 6 or 10?Wow,'superwoman' isn't she?

Being obedient,pray for them,send some of your money,give the food,IS THE LEAST YOU CAN DO FOR THEM!. Now I truly do not accept what certain people are doing like what we see on TV, treat ur parents as if parents are you friends...Send them to old folks home(MOST DIABOLIC THING)...Swearing to them...And a lot more where u can find absurd examples which is foreign in our "Way of Life"(I choose 'Way of Life' coz religion is a sensitive word). So my reminder to u and me:

1)Love ur parents
2)Tell them u love them
3)Show them u love them

As long as it doesn't go against our "Way of Life".I would like to end this with a hadith:

'Abdullah ibn Mas'ood (r.a) said:

"I asked the Prophet, 'Which deed is most liked by Allah?'He said, 'Prayer offered on time.' I asked him,'Then what?' He said, 'KINDNESS AND RESPECT TOWARDS PARENTS...."

(I emphasized on the parents part,hee)


  1. mother, mother, mother.. father. =D Love them!!!

  2. this post makes me laugh out loud xD but it's all true.

    to me, one can be whatever one wants to be, either good or bad, but one must never disrespect one's parents or cause them any trouble (of course, especially mothers).

    Lantak ko la nk menyusahkan diri sendiri, tapi jgn sekali2 menyusahkan mak bapak.

    ♥ my parents 4eva!