Sunday, November 14, 2010

If I meet Mr. Prime Minister...

Salam,how are you?Alhamdulillah should be ur answer,hee,alhamdulillah(All Praise to Allah) am doing pretty,and good too=)...Alright,to our topic,I really do have a huge respect for our current Prime Minister,coz leading a country ain't easy,try leading a family,see how hard it is...Then u lead a nation,with Indians,Malays,Chinese,and Orang Asli some more,aiyo,tableyo(tak boleh O,cannot o). I respect him because it is a big responsibility in this life and the next, coz guess what one of the questions will be on in the Hereafter, is that if a Muslim(those who submit to Allah,The Only Worthy of Worship) doesn't go to the mosque and pray, he will be asked why,deb deb deb deb...And he is only a human being,so he makes mistakes,I pray for him to bring us towards the better instead of worse...My dream is that if i get to see him insh'Allah, I shall recite this poem and it goes out to all the leaders as well:

Speech for Prime Minister…

A leader is a man, who follows not the majority, and does the things which is right,
And who does things with sincerity and with all their might,
It is he who leads the people from darkness to light.

A leader is just,
Who follows not their lust,
But who cares for his people and being rich isn’t a must.

It is not some fancy building you should develop, but instead develop your nation in their minds,
The greatest Way of life, that is what a leader should find,
Because if you don’t, a person might end up playing a man’s behind.(Oops)

If you look, you’ll find the majority of your people with minds that are shallow,
You can’t blame them for being in this state of sorrow,
Mr. Prime Minister, you have the authority to make it go.

Come down here and be humble,
Don’t let people know of your presence, experience your people,
Then only you can truly help those who struggle.

Construct a statue of patriotic in our hearts instead of some dumb statues in our land,
That is something I, insha'Allah(God willing), will unequivocally help by giving a hand,
But before you start, include Allah(The Only Worthy of Worship) in your plan.

Ps: May Allah make my dream come true...amin...jazakallah khair(may Allah increase u in good deeds)..=)

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  1. Yes Mr PM, you have the authority to make it gooo!

    a wise and honest poem, its nice to see ur faith for our dear PM, most ppl feel otherwise. I sure hope he comes across this.

    anyhow good stuff ifran, keep at it.