Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Exotic Butterfly

This is my first time here,so salam and hello brothers and sisters in faith and humanity...Alright,as for my first act,I shall share with everybody, my first poem,here is the background:
I wasn't a good kid before, I had a "girl-friend", then after a while, through experiences, and asking questions, I realized that it is not right, so I decided, the next time I fall in love, it will be in front of the family insha'Allah (God Willing), and that will be my future wife, I love u whoever u are (Malay,Spanish,Arab,anybody...hee)..So then the moment of truth came,I had to tell my "gf" right that I made my decision, I was in trouble, so i said alright, I'll write a poem, and it goes:

I didn't realize it,
Until i gave it a thought,
I thought it was only a bit,
The Butterfly influenced me a lot,
A cry is what got her through,
All the obstacles she went through,
Tears doesn't mean she fears,
She is strong and can whup the mighty King Kong,
If the people loved each other,
Like how she loves kids of all race,
As if they were her brother,
The world would be a better place,
A butterfly doesn't belong to a 'Lavender',
She belongs to the world to make it lovelier,
The next flower she stops at,
Will surely be pretty,
There isn't a doubt,
But it surely won't be as pretty as me,
She is a beautiful girl,
So u better get ready world,
She doesn't need anybody,
To feel like a somebody,
Because I know she isn't a tree,
That waits for the rain to look pretty...



  1. welcome to the blogging world, kid.. keep it up.. =)

  2. keep poem-ing boy... i'll be readin'. ;)