Monday, November 29, 2010

The Garden of Knowledge and Virtue(IIUM!)

Salam,peace be upon YOU,hee,hows it going?Hope all is good,my prayer for you.For those of you who dunno,ur gona know now,that I'm a student in a really beautiful University in Malaysia,masha'Allah.
Since I finished school yeah,I've always wanted this University,and no other,cozo the environment,and I dont wana go away from my deen (way of life) since after school,so yeah, enough with all those troubles I gave to those around me,i need to change i thought.The environment,the rivers, the trees, the forest, to the people,men,women, everyone of them is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I think my poem will explain it all,so I introduce u Mr. Poem,may he explain everything to you on how great this University is...

Garden Of Knowledge and Virtue

Everyone should know,
The place where everybody should go,
A destination, in which underneath the river flows.

The spot of serenity, outside my window are the trees,
The way to the door, is filled with cool breeze,
Five times a day, the call to prayer will come from the mosque of peace.

With the voice of the Imam so fine,
Along with my brothers in the line,
Pray to Allah the Most Divine.

Indeed this is the place to be,
Where the environment gives me serenity,
And to my soul it gives tranquility.

This place have truly shown me the meaning of life,
Insha’Allah, among these kinds of people will be my wife,
There must be at least one bee that belongs to me in this enormous hive.

The lecturers have the knowledge that is balanced between this life and the hereafter,
What beautiful knowledge that pervaded my soul, a great reminder,
It also taught me that everybody everywhere in the world is brothers to each other.

Allah bless the people that is following and spreading Your deen,
Let these people show where the people’s minds have been,
For I believe that IIUM will spread the love that is yet to be seen.

Ps:For those of you who have the intention of coming to this great University,please do,its very good,forget what u HEARD!Come here and experience it for yourself....Remember the famous Bible verse "Seek and ye shall find",its true.BUT,do u remember the famous hadith by our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings upon him),"Actions are judged by intentions..."...That is also true...Hee

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  1. beautiful.. just beautiful. u captured the essence that i felt of this place, chico =)
    maybe we can record this one for for all to share.