Wednesday, November 17, 2010

BOXING!! Ah too sick...

Salam O brothers and sisters in faith and humanity,hows u the doing?Hopes it all good,hee...I think it is compulsary for everybody,when they speak of boxing,should mention Muhammad Ali in it,hahah.No doubt,he is a great fighter,he is not the greatest coz he said it himself that Allah is The Greatest,he was saying he was the greatest to get publicity,and get some $$$. AND IT WORKED!!

Mr Muhammad Ali no doubt inspired a lota people,he was one of the few people to inspire me to write poems, among other people. N one of the few people to inspire to box as well, other than Prince Naseem, Amer Khan, Tyson, and a few others.

So...I had two fights so far,one not really serious,one was serious,I won one,the other one,no winner. U know,Ali box for the unity of the African Americans, thats pretty cool i thought,so I had my own intention of boxing.THAT is a great reminder everybody,when u wana do something,make sure ur intentions are good!!If u wana box just to show ur great, and wana beat up that fella real bad,might as well don't...coz...what do u achieve??...I have my personal intention insha'Allah,may Allah make it right. So wana know the story of my fight:

I challenge that fella,he is a HUGE dude,with HUGE punches as well,so before the fight,I already started boxing with my mouth,I wrote a poem for him(yes to succeed,follow those who are experienced,so i followed Ali,hee):

He is going down,
I'm not sure in which round,
I'll win so i'll wear the crown,
He'll scream so he'll wear the gown.

NOW!!hee, I won the fight, but instead of him falling,i fell instead,got BAM! knocked down in the first round, it was too sick, so i got back up,move my legs, gave him a boxing lesson till the third round which he couldn't go any further..Alhamdulillah I won,and got my money..I'll use it for the good insha'Allah,thanks Aizuddin the great puncher.

My next fight will be in December, i can't train for 2 weeks coz my deltoid,lol,well,something is wrong with it...After that, i shall train REAL HRAD!!:

I'll swim with the sharks,
I'll run with the cheetah,
I'll punch black ants in the dark,
I'll punch him straight to Utah.

Thank you,till next time insha'Allah,peace out beautiful people...=)

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