Friday, November 12, 2010

What is the purpose of this life?? (Dancers and The Judge)

Have you REALLY pondered upon this vitally essential question?!

Some people say, "We live only once,enjoy to the max", "Eat all you can while u still can", "Own money,money is everything","Life is about loving a girl(this one is funny as a bunny)"...Really??Is that it?Those things are parts of life,we do it in moderation of course.Ok,lets look at this,we were born on this Earth, we were raised up, we learn,experience this and that, but we always forget (reminder to me) that death can come anytime,ANYTIME brothers and sisters, so what happens next? You eat,sleep,drink,consumate,then die,that is like an animal ain't it? As Muslims, it is already clear to us that life is a mere test, to prepare for the Hereafter...u get rich, it is a test whether u are thankful to Him or not,u get poor, a test of patience,many more examples...So in the Holy Quran (a Book of Guidance to Muslims), it says (51:56) : "And I have created jinn and men except to worship Me(Alone)"..So what about the others?

I also have made a poem on life,through the perspective of dancing,and it goes:

Dancers and the Judge

Find the rhythm of life,
And dance around them,
Put your shoes on,
Start moving like there’s no more tomorrow,
Have faith in your heart, and He’ll set you in motion,
Put beliefs in your hands as it will the misguided,
Have sincerity in your feet, they will lead to the right direction,
Put love in your mind & you won’t be divided,
All of the dancers will be judged,
Not by the ignorant but by The Judge, The Eternal,
Not by our movements, techniques, our dresses or suits, nor our faces,
But by our humbleness in those movements,
On how we dance not to seek the attention of others but Him,
On how hard we strive to seek those movements,
He sent us the perfect rhythm and an instructor on how to move,
In the end, it is up to us on how we want to be judged,
The scorecards will tell, to pleasure or torment.

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