Sunday, November 14, 2010

My brothers...Keep fighting,amin

"View from Palestine…"

One morning, I stood up for prayer,
I realized, no brother no father and mother,
I wept in grieve,
Hoping patience that He will give,
Give me strength to bear,
All the pain I feel everywhere,
And I know my brothers and sisters are praying for Palestine,
Hoping that one day victory will be with Palestine,
But now I see the bombs, tanks, and soldiers,
Moving swiftly towards us, destroying every single boulder,
I say to my brothers, “Let’s go,
With Allah on our side, and face our foe”,
They told their parents, that we are going and said “Peace”,
We’re petrified, deep in our hearts, hoping that the moment will cease,
We see them killing our fathers and mothers, with bombs in the sky,
Pushed our fears away, and lift our spirits and heads up high,
I hope today is my last,
And to clean the wound and pain I have in my chest,
I know Allah and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) are waiting for me,
I’m just waiting for my soul to be free.
(July 2, 2010)

Salam people..I started off with a poem for Palestine,this is just a small thing I can do for my brothers and sisters who go to war on a daily routine,may Allah protect them,amin...NOW! I refuse to say that the Israel state is not human,or the USA is under their command, and some people are stupid and this and that and this and that.....REMMINDER!!When we point our finger,how many fingers are poiting back at us?EXACTLY!& it is true,think about it,what do u get when u blame?Well...more war is one...among other things...So the best thing to do is what YOU can do for yourself first,then comes your family,then society,then later the Ummah,insha'Allah...For our brothers and sisters in Palestine,we pray for them,coz with every prayer that we say to them,the Angels will say amin to them and you,isn't that beautiful my brothers?=)hee...We just do what we can here,insha'Allah,we can meet them in the Hereafter...

Here is one thing that we should be grateful for, and one thing I really admire about the Palestinians...I know this coz I've seen them in front of my eyes...The Palestinians can still smile and laugh and be patient despite the fact that their country is at war,the percentage of their dads being killed,VERY HIGH,their moms and sisters being raped,VERY HIGH,their houses being destroyed,HAPPENED ALREADY!! So I ask Allah to continue giving them patience where ever they are on this Earth,amin...Love you for the sake of Allah,peace out my brothers.

Do not wait for the light to go dim...=)

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