Monday, November 15, 2010

A friend in need something2 indeed...Alright cool,hee

Salam brothers and sisters,how are you?Good I guess,masha'Allah,hee...Alright,this one is about friends,what does a friend means to you?It is really important to choose who u hang out with to look 'cool' and all,coz u'll be judged by whom u love,remember.I know u shape urself first and all,so from shaping urself,u shape ur surrounding,meaning u choose ur friends...Now now,I'm not saying u should be picky,be friends with all,love everybody,but to be with or to 'lepak'(hang out) with,choose the ones that will tell u if u did wrong,and the ones that will bring out the best in you...I wrote a poem on this,enjoy,and most of all,benefit from it:

From Mum, with love…

Wandering in her garden,
Searching for her daughter, she hastens,
She finds her next to her favorite flower,
Her face was never this sour,
Running her fingers through her daughter’s hair,
Sitting down with a slow salsa music playing, on a rocking chair,
While watching the setting of the sun,
Munching on a piece of bun,
“Love, who you choose around you,
Will, in the future, shape you,
From a sincerely loving mother, here is my advice,
It is you yourself firstly that you should chastise,
So that the society will love,
You, like you fell directly from above,
Choose your friends not with lust but with brain,
They will alleviate you through your sufferings of pain,
A friend will always pray for your well being,
And upon seeing you, greet with a face that is always smiling,
Being deceitful to and about you will sound foreign,
Your respect is what he hopes to gain,
Like the bees that extract from flowers to bring to their nest,
From you, he’ll bring out the best,
Like the bricks that supports each other,
A friend will be there like your sister or brother,
Like the water flowing to the river edge,
A friend will never stop sharing his knowledge even in a prison cage,
Choose the ones, who’ll always be there through ups and downs,
Choose the ones that will never make you frown,
A friend will teach anything, even how to make tarts,
A friend will bear with the noise and smell of your fart,
Hope you find them, not now, soon,
Companions are like the stars that beautify the moon.”

Do not wait till the light goes dim..=)

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