Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blind...Act...Poem for you

The Fellow with The Stick

A blind man can’t see,
That is pretty obvious man,
But how come he can still smile and be happy?
Perhaps he can see the way that I don’t understand.

Then I ponder,
How many people walking on Earth uses their sight wrongly,
Not to be grateful, not to observe to do wonders,
Seeing things which are beautiful to them but to God so ugly.

A blind man can tell,
How close a car is to him very well,
But how sure am I that whatever catches my eyes,
Won’t burn me later on with a temperature that is ever so high?

That fellow with the stick can no more see the world,
Then my humble mind brought me a thought,
He won’t see the prostitutes in dresses, obscene images on the politicians face,
I guess Allah has His Own way on how to Plot.

Ps: Do you still have eyes? Then be thankful to Allah, before the time comes for them to be taken back. Use your eyes to a good way. Visit the blinds, and see how amazingly they perceive the world. This is a reminder to me and to my brothers and sisters out there. Peace.

Salam again brothers and sisters,how are you?If ur not smiling,smile now,I'll help you =)=)=)=)=)...Hee...Anyway,I started off with a poem of mine,about being blind.Now the story behind this is that, I was offered by my friend to act for her project, a small university project,for her class I think.

So the thing is, since I was a lil kid, I've been playing only 'good' characters,suddenly, in this short clip,I had to be a bad kid..ASTAGHFIRULLAH right?!Hahahah,stop smiling people...GUESS WHAT MY LINE WAS?!I had to say, "Eh,orang ni buta la!!"..well,one of the lines that is,my God,Allah...SO before the clip,after the clip, I was apologizing ALL THE WAY,a lota times,"Sorry pak cik sorry pak cik sorry uncle sorry uncle,I feel so bad"...Again n again n again,hahah,and that Uncle was so use to it,he said he had done commercials like that many times,I was A TINY WINY WEENY BIT relieved, but still!!So this poem is dedicated to that Uncle,a very special person,I wish to recite it to you one day insha'Allah.

I think the lesson we learn over and over again is that be THANKFUL!!With whatever that you have now,ur money,time,parents,brothers,sisters,car,home,food and the list goes on till the End of the World.Coz, it is no use when they're not there...U hate ur parents now, when they die later on, then u'll cry and regret,"Ah why didn't i do this and that?", same goes with your EYES,a pair of LOVELY EYES,u can see right??So why do u use it for the bad??(Mark that it is a reminder for me as well)....So be thankful,Muslims,say Alhamdulillah now!

Till next time insha'Allah,salam,now be thankful kids,hee,SMILE.

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